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ECONIKA has grown by 16%

In 2009, the EKONIKA shoe shoe chain opened 13 salons (now there are only 113 of them in the network: 79 direct control and 34 franchised). Large and significant objects from the point of view of their expectations began in Moscow, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg. Tyumen, Tolyatti and Saratov were added to the regions of presence. Two salons of the direct control network were closed (the closure was planned in the 2008 year), several more salons were closed by franchisee partners.

www.JPGIn general, in 2009, the priority was the development of direct retail facilities and, above all, the existing street retail salons, which were restructured and repaired in accordance with the requirements of the new shoe casket network format.

Considering the unevenness of the openings, as well as a number of planned closures of outlets, according to preliminary results of December, the network in terms of the number of stores grew over the year by 7%, and the growth in shoe sales in pairs amounted to about 2% (compared to the same period last year). This means that the drop in sales in pairs for comparable facilities amounted to no more than 5%. Ruble revenue increased by 16%, while the growth in the average price of shoes and bags amounted to 14%. The last indicator this year was higher than inflation, but slightly less than the average annual devaluation of the ruble, estimated at 27%.

The network’s turnover over the past year amounted to about $ 80 million (excluding commodity turnover of franchisee partners). Profitability exceeded 7%. The company's share in the Russian footwear market in the middle price segment is about 3% (the indicator has been maintained over the past three years). The number of regular customers in 2009 was already 450 thousand people.

“In 2009, we continued the implementation of the approved strategic development program. But, of course, we are celebrating some changes, ”says Sergei Sarkisov, vice president of Econika Corporation. - Including in our customers. On the one hand, they objectively “missed” the purchases of those categories of goods that they had to refuse last year due to well-known economic reasons. On the other hand, customers have become more thoughtful and cautious, which means buying more carefully! ”Over the course of the year, customers have been choosing, comparing, and aleatherg for a long time. As a result, the purchase took place only in that store, which fully corresponded to their idea of ​​the ideal ratio “price-quality-reliability-style”. “In this regard, the task of our network is to fully meet the expectations of the target consumer audience,” said Liliana Musatova, general director of the ECONIKA network. - This is the trend of the outgoing year: the desire of the buyer to get "the best for the lowest price." In our opinion, this is where the price proposals of successful companies and their sales support programs should focus today. ”

The reaction to changing demand was a change in the range, in which the number of basic models with a minimum margin increased. “We don’t intend to reduce the pace of development next year - at this stage we planned 13-15 direct management facilities and 3-5 franchise projects,” Sergey Sarkisov shared his plans. - In the new year, we forecast sales growth for comparable facilities in the amount of 4-5%. For our network, this means a full recovery and reaching the pre-crisis level in comparable sales in pairs. ” These are precisely the indicators laid down in the company's plans for the 2010 year.

The network of shoe cassettes "ECONIKA" in 2009 opened 13 salons (now there are only 113 of them in the network: 79 direct control and 34 ...
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