French brands: long-term bet
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French brands: long-term bet

In 2008, the French Federation of Shoe Manufacturers revised its approach to export policy. In favor of Russia, which has become a priority country in their supply plan. The interest in Russia is primarily due to the fact that the rapidly developing market of our country provides many opportunities for the development of international companies. The question is which of these opportunities Russian sellers will want to use.

According to the members of the French federation, their shoes have all the necessary qualities to become interesting for our entrepreneurs in the long term. The key advantages of French footwear are the well-known reputation in our country and the originality of the design. In addition, the French offer a branded product with all the appropriate support for market promotion.

The facts speak for themselves: over the past five years, the export of French shoes to Russia has grown by more than 65% in terms of supply and 47% in value. If we talk about the dynamics of the French shoe market as a whole, the export of shoes from the world fashion capital increased by 13%, while the export price increased by 10%.

And now the main news - for the first time, French footwear producers will be presented with a single exposition at the MosShoes International Exhibition in September. It is here that you can see a showcase of fashion, design, know-how, high quality, comfort and elegance from French shoe companies.

Naturally, the question arises - what brands and what shoes will be presented at MosShoes?

One of the largest brand portfolios will be assembled from PLASTIGOM SAS.


PLASTIGOM and DRAGON have been manufacturing women's shoes under the PARADOXALE and LUNDI BLEU brands for 10 years. They are sold both in France and abroad and are delivered to independent retailers, fashion boutiques and to large department stores, such as Galeries Lafayette. PARADOXALE and LUNDI BLEU are mid-high segment shoes designed for a modern and energetic woman. Collections include several shoe lines that can meet different needs. Shoes can be both elegant, comfortable and avant-garde. This shoe is universal - it is suitable for work and for publication. In each season, fashion designers are developing new forms of heels. Leathers are selected according to three parameters: aesthetics, comfort, originality. The average price of a model averages around 40 euros.

Please note that in the fall at the Crocus Expo exhibition an absolutely new brand will be presented: 6TM. This brand is positioned in the mid-price segment.

La Vague

Another French brand presented at the exhibition is La Vague. La Vague-branded indoor shoes can satisfy a wide range of consumers, as they feature products for men, women and children. Two collections are released annually.

For the winter collection, cotton velor, sheepleather and wool lining duplicated by wool are used. The criterion for the selection of materials is their quality (the main material is cotton, wool; lining is wool, triple, which has greater wear resistance). In total there are three lines in the assortment: slippers on the sole made of porous rubber (these are traditional household shoes), products on the soles are made of PVC and polyurethane (a whole range of washable products; besides the convenience of care, their undoubted advantage is that they are very light. In addition, they can be worn not only at home, but also on the street) and slippers sewn on the sole of five-layer felt (the advantage of these models is the comfort and naturalness of the materials).

The summer collection has much more versatile items - they can be worn at home and outdoors. For them we use exclusively PVC and polyurethane soles, as well as natural fabrics (finely ribbed cotton, terry velor, jeans, raffia ...); they are arranged in three layers or used as inserts in cotton or terry boucle.


MALY DE PARIS brand produces a collection of home shoes twice a year.

For the winter collection, designers create refined items of home clothes, shoes and underwear that are particularly elegant. For production use exclusively noble materials (lamb leather, multi-colored velor, satin, suede). They are selected with special attention to get comfortable, delicate things.

When creating the summer collection, the company focuses on beach fashion, therefore, it offers leather and textile shoes with very light cork soles. All models are made to order, therefore, the company does not establish the minimum sizes of the ordered batches, and it does not have surcharges.

Campaign shoes are La Vague and MALY DE PARIS shoes. The average price for models of the La Vague brand: 11 euros, for models of the MALY DE PARIS brand - 23 euros.


SAMSON is located 400 km from Paris, on the Atlantic coast. Since the opening of the factory in 1929, the company has specialized in the production of women's comfortable shoes. All shoes are made in France. The peculiarity of the company is that it produces shoes of increased completeness.

Collections come out under three brands:

- OMBELLE: a collection of classic shoes (7-th completeness);

- ARTIKA SOFT: a collection of comfortable shoes, taking into account key fashion trends, focused on young girls;

- ELANTINE: a fantasy collection with a more elevated calcaneal part (8 fullness).

SAMSON product quality is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate - 2000 version.

For reference, the French Federation of Footwear Manufacturers unites 100 companies that produce both fashion and comfortable footwear (including children and home).

In 2008, the French Federation of Shoe Manufacturers revised its approach to export policy. In favor of Russia, which has become a priority country in their supply plan. Interest in Russia is aroused in ...
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