Franchise Club
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Franchise Club

In August this year, a franchisee club was opened in Moscow, on the basis of the company Profmir. The ideologist and organizer of the club was Nadezhda Kryuchkova. According to her, this is the first organized platform in Russia, where franchisees can share experience with novice colleagues. Nadezhda has been working with a franchise for a long time and therefore perfectly understands what information is needed for entrepreneurs who are just entering this difficult business

Franchising is considered one of the most profitable forms of cooperation between a brand owner and a store owner. The first, by selling a franchise, gets regional coverage, the second, by buying a franchise - a ready-made sales concept, calculated, low-risk, with guaranteed support from the brand holder. It would seem that everyone is fine. But there are also pitfalls. Unreasonable figures for calculating payback, difficulties in obtaining accurate information about possible risks and possible earnings, incomplete data on the situation in the parent company - this is just an incomplete list of problems that some franchisees have to face when communicating with the brand owner. Many of them have not been resolved at the state level. The law on franchising has not yet been adopted, so there are often difficulties with the legal execution of contracts. Franchising requires stability and predictability of the economy, but it is unlikely that many Russian entrepreneurs can boast of long-term forecasts for the future. The situation is aggravated by purely psychological difficulties, for example, the buyer of a franchise, believing that he, who knows his customers by sight, knows much better what and how to offer them, sometimes too freely interprets the standards of merchandising and brand promotion.

The creation of a franchisee club is an attempt to change the situation both at the level of the business community and at the level of relations between government and business. The club is open and membership is free. Membership meetings will be held weekly. Twice a year it is planned to publish a thematic electronic magazine about franchising to help entrepreneurs. The club's doors are also open to brand owners. However, they should remember that information about franchises is provided to club members in the form of feedback on real work experience or as part of specialized reviews and research. Everything else is considered advertising and can only be voiced on a paid basis.

The first autumn meeting of the franchisee took place on September 7. The participants discussed several topics (the general state of the franchise market, payback periods and degree of risk) and got acquainted witha franchise market review prepared by CEO of the Internet portal ShopAndMall.ru Samvel Harutyunyan.

Apparel projects were named the most popular franchise, as expected. According to the portal, they are most often searched for by Runet users. There is no demand for jewelry retail franchises. According to Nadezhda Kryuchkova, a certain shortage of franchises is observed in the service segment, in particular, beauty salons franchises are poorly represented in the market. But franchises of children's goods stores are gaining momentum - both supply and demand are growing.

Samvel Harutyunyan singled out the five segments with the widest selection of franchise brands:

1. Clothes - 103 offers.

2. Cafes, restaurants - 32.

3. Accessories - 20.

4. Shoes - 15.

5. Goods and services for children - 15.

In August this year, a franchisee club was opened in Moscow, on the basis of the company Profmir. The ideologist and organizer of the club was Nadezhda Kryuchkova. According to her, this is the first organized platform in Russia, ...
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