A century of shoe innovation
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A century of shoe innovation

Already about a century "Paris Commune" It is one of the rare examples of a successful combination of continuity of traditions and the introduction of the latest innovations in the shoe industry. The collections of the autumn-winter season 2018 / 19, released under the TM of the company, confirm its strong leadership in the industry.

The problems of development and especially innovation in shoe production are relevant for newly created companies, as well as for such companies as the Paris Commune shoe factory in Moscow, which, since 1922, has come a long way in creating competitive children's shoes. Entire generations of residents of the USSR and Russia grew up in children's shoes from the Paris Commune. In 2010, a license contract with the Italian company Iji Shoes and Technology was successfully completed, according to which about 5 million pairs of shoes were exported to Europe. As a result, our own brands of innovative children's shoes with a volume of 300 million rubles a year with a growth rate of 10% annually were developed. In the 2013 year, according to the results of the competition, the “Paris Commune” was included in the list of priority investment projects for the children's goods industry. And in the 2014 year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, on the basis of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1162 and the agreement, provided the Paris Commune with a subsidy for the reimbursement of part of the R&D costs from 2013 to 2016 for a year in the amount of 74 million rubles on the topic: “Development and implementation of mass-replacing import-substituting structures and technologies for the production of bioadaptive children's shoes using modified and composite organic materials. ”

The total amount of financing from the factory’s own funds from 2013 to 2020 will amount to 2 billion rubles. To implement this project, a pool was created and the efforts of the Innovation Research and Production Center for Textile and Light Industry, the AN Kosygin Russian State University, the Scientific Center for Children's Health of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, related enterprises and the engineering and technical potential of the factory were combined. The company has its own modern Center for modeling and technology, where more than 2 000 shoe models are created annually. The assortment update reaches 70%. The share of innovative products is more than half of the total. The fashion designers and technicians at the Moscow Communal Party “Paris Commune” CJSC are true professionals and dedicated craftsmen.

The Paris Commune in Moscow produces shoes in small batches - the factory acts as a pilot plant. Mass production is developing at four subsidiaries in the Tula and Tver regions. The volume of footwear production in the group of enterprises is about one million pairs per year. The result of this work was that in 2013 the factory was awarded the Golden Spindle national fashion industry prize in three categories: Workers in the Fashion Industry, Russian Trademark, Business and Production.

In 2016, the Golden Spindle Award was awarded to the Elegami collection of children's shoes. Also, for the successful activity in the manufacturing sector of the capital, “Paris Commune” was awarded the diploma of the winner of the annual competition “Industry Leader –2016” in the nomination “Light industry: footwear production”. In the 2017 year, in the year of the 95 anniversary of the factory, the “Paris Commune” won the RSPP contest “Leaders of Russian business: dynamics and responsibility - 2017”. The company successfully implements a strategy for the development of its own brands for collections of women's, men's, children's, as well as special-purpose work shoes and footwear supplied to the power structures of the Russian Federation.

In addition to the Paris Commune trademark, which has been popular for many years, own TMs have been developed - Elegami and Riconte, as well as a long-term license agreement with Voentorg OJSC for the development, production and sale of shoes under the ARMY RUSSIA brand. Elegami is a brand of shoes for children - from the smallest to high school students. The core of the collection of Elegami children's shoes is formed in the price segments “medium”, “medium +”. The brand is represented by several directions:

Elegami First Step, Elegami Profilaktik, Elegami BIO, Elegami Soft-air, Elegami Foil Wool Complex, Kinder Tex, Elegami Tex. The collection “Autumn-Winter 2018 / 19” released several innovative lines, among which I especially want to highlight Elegami Tex and Elegami Soft-air.

  • Elegami Tech - children's shoes using innovative membrane technology, providing the removal of excess moisture and heat into the environment, while not letting cold air and moisture in.
  • Elegami soft-air - children's shoes on a unique sole with a special insert made of a porous material filled with microscopic air bubbles, which provides good sole flexibility, reliable thermal insulation and comfort. Another equally important area in the Elegami children's shoe collection is the Back to School project. For each new school season, the company develops and presents about 100 models of leather children's shoes, which is suitable for special occasions, as well as for use as replaceable shoes in any educational institution.

Riconte adult shoe collections are the epitome of current fashion trends for men and women. The brand's shoes are designed for active people who are confident, value comfort and natural materials. The brand's style is classic and casual. It is this combination, according to our designers, that provides customers with ease and comfort every day, so that they enjoy the high rhythm of the big city and do everything they have planned. Shoes are made in Russia, from genuine leather, using modern trends in both technology and design. Since 2018 of the year, CJSC “Paris Communal Public Foundation” has been a partner of the dynamically developing Russian brand “Army of Russia”, for which the development and production of casual military-style collections for adults and children are already underway. Presentations of the collection for future partners in the regions of the Russian Federation will be held as part of traditional industry exhibitions in the spring of 2018. Today, "Paris Commune" selects partners for the exclusive sale of shoes "ARMY RUSSIA" in the regions of the Russian Federation. 


For about a century, the Paris Commune has been one of the rare examples of a successful combination of the continuity of traditions and the introduction of the freshest innovations in footwear ...
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