Saphir: Well-groomed shoes are the key to success
30.08.2011 20210

Saphir: Well-groomed shoes are the key to success

No matter how colorful and bright the beginning of autumn may be, already in the middle of October we will inevitably expect continuous rains, and closer to November - slush. In such an ungrateful season for shoes, it is especially important to properly care for her. And to provide professional care will help the means of the SAPHIR trademark.

The most important step in shoe care is its initial protection, called impregnation or impregnation. Not everyone knows that the leather of new shoes is not prepared for the effects of adverse weather conditions, and is covered only with a thin layer of a special fluid called dressing, which provides an improvement in the appearance of the product, but does not provide protection. Special impregnations, for example, Invulner from SAPHIR, help fill the leather with necessary microelements.

How does impregnation work?

The composition of the impregnation includes polymers, which, forming a thin film on the surface of the product, prevent the penetration of water drops inside; without hindering, however, water vapor to escape. The impregnation preserves the leather's ability to "breathe". The most important element in its composition are fluorocarbon resins, which provide the leather with water resistance. The principle of action of resins is similar to the principle of action of a Teflon coating on kitchen utensils: falling on it, water does not spread, but remains on the surface in the form of a drop.

Resins are initially in solid state. For their further use, various solvents are used - water, alcohol or gasoline. Penetrating into the leather, the solvent evaporates, and the resins are evenly distributed between the fibers of the leather, thereby providing the leather with long-term protection against water, dirt and oil. It is important that a film does not form on the surface that impedes the ability of the leather to “breathe”.

How often to use impregnation

It is recommended to apply the impregnation several times before using the product for the first time. First, apply the liquid to one half-pair, then to the other. And so, repeat until the liquid ceases to be absorbed. In the process of subsequent operation of the shoe, it is enough to apply impregnation once a week in small quantities, while one or two applications are enough for each half pair. The impregnation is suitable for all types of leather, including products with climatic membranes, because the product contains substances that do not interfere with the operation of the membranes. The exception is patent leather. The impregnation should be applied from a distance of 20 - 30 cm, since a closer spraying of the product may leave a light halo of the concentrated product on the leather (if this happens, it can be easily rubbed with a sponge or cloth).

Our footwear is exposed to particularly aggressive environmental influences in autumn. Rainy weather can dry out the leather, and dirt can clog pores. Continuous use of impregnation will extend the life of your shoes. Impregnation is an optimal and economical protection of any leather goods from the adverse effects of the external environment. Please note that the use of impregnation does not require any special subsequent cleaning.

No matter how colorful and bright the beginning of autumn may be, already in the middle of October we will inevitably expect continuous rains, and closer to November - slush. In such an ungrateful season for shoes, it is especially important ...
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