Festive showcase - a delicate matter
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Festive showcase - a delicate matter

We have collected the most interesting ideas for window dressing-2009 and tried to answer the question, what should be the approach to decorating festive show-windows - after all, St. Valentine's Day and the March holidays are still ahead. Anna Komissarova was looking for the answer.

Features of national showcases

The showcase is the face of the store and, therefore, the main strategic object in the struggle for the buyer. A creative, well-designed showcase makes the buyer go to the store faster than glossy ads. “A showcase should engage and inform. And, of course, sell, ”says Nina Shkatova, designer of Brasko.

To get “selling” showcases, many store managers invite foreign designers. The reason was explained by Nina Shkatova: “There are good designers in Russia, but foreigners are still better. As a person who has worked under the guidance of foreign designers, I can say that they give a great educational impetus. "

What determines the attractiveness of a showcase and ultimately its effectiveness? As a full-fledged work of art, a showcase must have a concept. Christmas theme, on the one hand, pushes designers into the framework. It would seem, how to do without a Christmas tree, New Year's tinsel, balls and garlands ?! But on the streets of Moscow it was easy to notice that the imagination of the designers went beyond the boundaries of the usual New Year’s paraphernalia, nevertheless not leaving the topic. 

For example, the fabulous atmosphere of a magnificent French palace was recreated in the window of a Daniel children's clothing store on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Snowy candles, white roses, pigeons and blue-gold palace decorations create a winter mood. The main characters of this extravaganza were the little prince in a white wig and black tailcoat and the princess in a pale blue airy dress.SR64_Upravlenie-sales_vitrina_2.jpg

Agent Provocateur boutique was visible in the depths of Stoleshnikov Lane thanks to the courtesy-pirate masquerade, built on the principle of a collage. The showcase at the same time reflected both the concept of the brand and the New Year mood.

In a Berluti shoe boutique, a bearded month smiled over a row of shoes, and twisted jewelry hung like bumps.

In the shoe stores, Rendez-vous brilliantly coped with the task of avoiding the bored green-spiky symbol of the New Year. Christmas trees in the windows were replaced by snow-white and fluffy Eiffel towers, which were associated with Christmas trees with their tiered and tall structures, and at the same time reminded customers that these were shops with a lot of French shoes. The breath of Paris really refreshed the Russian holiday.

The idea of ​​Benetton to cover the frame of Christmas trees and deers with a white knitted patterned fabric was also non-trivial. The laconic showcase was enlivened by large red Christmas balls, which perfectly conveyed a feeling of warmth and coziness. Modest and sweet.

Showcases in detail

“However, no matter how intricate the idea of ​​a showcase may be, assortment should always be in the foreground, since a showcase is mainly intended for advertising goods,” says Nina Shkatova, designer at Brasko. - The decor should frame the product. In no case should he get lost in the abundance of festive paraphernalia. In addition, it is necessary that the style of the showcase matches both the assortment and the corporate concept of the store. "

Walking along Stoleshnikov Lane, one becomes convinced of the universality of this principle. The restrained chic of Chanel clothing is matched by the strict luxury of the showcase: behind the backs of the mannequins there is a laconic two-color, but florid paper appliqué and photographs. Designer Evgeny Karakhov from the Novaya Vitrina design bureau believes that the options for possible color combinations are inexhaustible, but it is better to build on the brand's corporate colors. The main thing is to observe proportions in the use of color. The more active the color, the less it should be in the showcase. So, in a showcase of clothes, it is enough to give two or three spots of red to revive achromatic gray or black and white colors.

SR64_Upravlenie-sales_vitrina_3.jpgBut that is not all. According to Nina Shkatova, the success of the showcase from the point of view of attractiveness to buyers is largely ensured by the correct lighting: "Anyone who knows how to make good light is considered a good designer." A correctly organized luminous flux in the showcase will allow to highlight those products to which it is necessary to attract the main attention of buyers, to enhance the illumination of darker objects, to achieve the necessary formation of shadows.

The main thing is that the lamps do not blind the viewers and do not interfere with their viewing of goods. Therefore, light sources installed in display cases are usually closed from the eyes by an opaque or scattering plane.

Warm light neutralizes cold colors and makes warm shades brighter: red color becomes even more contrast. Cold light neutralizes warm colors: orange in a cold blue glow looks almost like beige.

You can achieve good window lighting with the help of some technical tricks, for example, by arranging fluorescent lamps along the entire ceiling in several rows. Such lamps, closed from below with glass or lattice diffusers, form the light ceiling of the display case. "The advantage of vertical lighting is that it allows you to highlight the texture of the fabric," - said Nina Shkatova.

If the shop-window from the side of the trading floor is closed and viewed only from the street, then in addition to the general upper and local lighting, side lighting and background lighting are used, and light sources should not fall into the field of view of people when viewing goods.

Decisive argument

This year, the fashion for window dressing has changed, the designers unanimously noted. Yevgeny Karakhov believes that because of the crisis, shop windows have become much more scarce. He attributes this phenomenon to the crisis: “The owners have begun to allocate less funds for registration. The average cost of decorating a New Year's window is 100 thousand rubles. Tinsel, Christmas tree, artificial snow, a couple of mannequins - and the showcase is ready. It seems that the concept of the showcase was conceived and implemented overnight. There is not a single really successful showcase. " Nina Shkatova says the opposite: “If there used to be a fashion for minimalism, now the traditions of decorating ten years ago are returning, so that the showcase tells a story”. Whatever the degree of luxury of today's showcases, the question of their success made the brothers in the shop think for a long time. As a result, Nina Shkatova, as a fan of minimalism, remembered the design of the Zara store. And Yevgeny Karakhov concluded that in fact the most attractive display is the inscription “discounts”. And the more this inscription, the better.

Any holiday provokes people to attack stores. And the New Year is on a special account, Russia ranks seventh in the world in terms of New Year's wastefulness. This year the holiday was somewhat ...
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