Expo Riva Shuhh: the market needs more than just “budget” products
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Expo Riva Shuhh: the market needs more than just “budget” products

Despite the economic crisis and gloomy forecasts of pessimists, the 71-th international exhibition of shoes Expo Riva Sсhuh, which took place on January 17-20 in the Italian city of Riva del Garda, received as many guests as in previous years

SR65-Mir-shoes-rynok_Expo-Riva_2.jpgThe exhibition was attended by 11 entrepreneurs working in the footwear sector of the fashion industry. Italian businessmen accounted for 014% of accredited participants. The remaining 41,3% (about 58,7 thousand people) came to Expo Riva Sсhuh from other countries. These figures are almost identical to last year and confirm the international status of the exhibition.

A slight decrease in the number of exhibition visitors (by 2%) was offset by an increase in the number of participating companies. This year, 5606 representatives of companies came to the exhibition, and last year - 5534. 2009 companies presented their collections for the Fall / Winter 2010-1100 season, while the share of Italian participants was about 40%.

The first sign of the international exhibition business brought the shoe-makers good news and a positive attitude: despite the difficult economic situation around the world, the results of the exhibition exceeded all possible expectations.

“Despite the brilliant opening of the exhibition and the large number of exhibitors, we still fear surprises that the global financial and economic crisis could bring us,” says Roberto Pellegrini, chairman of the exhibition complex in Riva del Garda. - Nevertheless, the statistics of visitor activity exceeded our most daring hopes. And we are proud to believe that this can be a litmus test of moods throughout the shoe sector and in the fashion industry as a whole. ”

“The companies participating in the exhibition, according to their own reviews, have received many new orders,” comments Giovanni Laezza, director of the exhibition complex in Riva del Garda. - We believe that the cold weather prevailing in Europe over the past few months has played into our hands. She prepared our customers for shopping and contributed to the devastation of shoe stores. The world's largest companies participated in our exhibition, and their presence once again underlined the growing importance of early orders. ”

“This exhibition and its results,” says Brigitte Buncher, managing director of Expo Riva Shuuh, “clearly indicate the need to provide the market with not just“ budget ”products, but also pay attention to their“ fashionable ”content. It all starts here in Riva del Garda, still at the procurement planning stage. I must say that our participating companies are not just trying to save on shoes, but they are paying attention to the fashion trends of the market - both when choosing materials, and when choosing colors, and when choosing shapes. ”

Thus, Expo Riva Schuh once again declared itself as the first violin in the orchestra of the world shoe market.

The organizers emphasized another point: most of the exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in the next Expo Riva Shuhu exhibition in June. This suggests that there is no reason to expect a significant decrease in the number of participants and destabilization in the shoe market.

Despite the economic crisis and gloomy forecasts of pessimists, the 71st international exhibition of shoes Expo Riva Shuhu, held on January 17-20 in the Italian city of Riva del Garda, accepted the same ...
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