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MICAM: the market comes to life

The MICAM shoe exhibition can rightfully be considered the Minister of Health of the entire industry: at its stands, the fate of the shoe industry not only in Italy, but throughout the world is decided. The next exhibition was held from 2 to 5 on March 2010 in Milan.

Hard selection

SR76-Mir_obuvnoj_rynok-MICAM_2.jpgAccording to ANCI President Vito Artioli, at this stage in the development of events, the industry is in the very state when all the worst is over, and the prospect of a new stage of growth looms on the horizon. According to the latest data, the Italian footwear market in 2009 decreased in volume by 13%, and in value terms - by 12,5%. This drop affected all segments of the footwear market. All the surviving companies passed a rigorous selection process and tested the competence of their employees “in battle”. However, personnel losses remain significant. The number of jobs compared to last year decreased by 3,5%, amounting to 3011 jobs. The number of companies that closed down decreased by 3,8% and stood at 235. The number of applications to the Wage Guarantee Fund increased by 232%.

“I cannot but express gratitude to the government for making concessions and reducing the number of bureaucratic obstacles for receiving funds from the emergency department of the Guaranteed Wage Fund,” said Vito Artioli. “However, we should also support not only the workers, but also the enterprises themselves and bring them to the international level.”

According to the data for the first 11 months of the 2009 year, shoe exports decreased by 14% in pairs and by 16,4% in value terms compared to the 2008 year. It is worth recalling that in the pre-crisis period, the volumes of footwear exported from Italy increased from year to year. But nevertheless, a positive trend can be traced in these data: until November 2009, the decline in export volumes amounted to 17,5%.

They moderate appetites and purchases of Italian shoes from the EU, Eastern Europe and Russia. After optimistic results in the 2008 year, the countries of the Middle East also reduced their purchases: their import volumes decreased by 17,6% in quantitative terms and by 6,1% in value terms. In November, the decline slowed down, and in December the leather footwear and care products sector showed a positive result: + 2,1% in volume. The Italians recorded a growing interest in Japanese wholesalers, who are known for their exactingness and remoteness from Italy.

As for shoe consumption in Italy itself, the Italians were slightly affected by the crisis: the number of shoe purchases of the average Italian family fell by 0,7%, and remained about the same in terms of costs. However, do not miss the fact that during the crisis, shoe makers increased the cost of their products by an average of 10,6% in Italy.

“At the end of the tunnel, light shimmered,” said ANCI President Vito Artioli.

Shoes at 3D

SR76-Mir_obuvnoj_rynok-MICAM_1.jpgFor the third time in the framework of the MICAM shoe exhibition, the Association of Italian shoe manufacturers ANCI awarded designers a prize for creativity - ANCI CREATIVE AWARD. This competition is designed specifically for young and talented designers who demonstrate their ideas and an unusual look at shoes using the latest technology. The 4 March award was presented by ANCI President Vito Artioli, ANCI CEO Fabio Aromatichi, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Umberto Vattani, and Orietta Pelisari, a researcher of the latest trends in fashion and design. During the award ceremony, spectators, wearing special glasses, could watch an 3D film about the 20 candidate models for victory.

This year, Mael Amaini won with the Firestep project. The designer managed to emphasize the close relationship between fashion, creativity and the latest technology. Shoes with a deep neckline and high heels, as if enveloped in flames and dynamic, almost futuristic lines, symbolize strength and passion. Maela Amaini is a clothing and accessories designer at Reggio Emilia.

“The latest technology is the only possible way to communicate with the young generation,” says Fabio Aromatichi, “and the specialists we have brought to work are looking far into the future to find new ways of interacting with customers right now. We are pleased with the flow of creativity that spilled over us in this session of the exhibition. ”

Vito Artioli said that “the economic decline has stopped. Now we need to encourage and fully support innovation, because it is the best time to start. ”

The shoe exhibition MICAM can rightfully be considered the Minister of Health of the entire industry: at its stands the fate of the shoe industry is decided not only in Italy, but in everything ...
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