2009 Spring-Summer Season: There Will Be No Place for “Alone” on the Market
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2009 Spring-Summer Season: There Will Be No Place for “Alone” on the Market

Presentations arranged by shoe manufacturers for their customers on the eve of industry exhibitions are becoming more and more frequent in Russia. Someone thinks this is a tribute to fashion, and someone is a cunning move that helps to instill in customers loyalty to their brand. One of these presentations took place in early September in the Pokrovskoye holiday home near Moscow and brought together seven shoe manufacturers: Mak Fine, Analpa, Julia Grossi, Patrol, Pallazio D'ORA, Glamor and Muya. The participants demonstrated samples of their new collections of footwear for the Spring-Summer 2009 season.

As Mak Fine CEO Armen Avetisyan says, “The idea of ​​holding such presentations is not new. Fashion for them came from the United States, where they have already become part of business etiquette. Usually, organizing such a meeting, the company orders a hotel or a tourist complex, where for several days it invites its customers and thinks out a business and entertainment program for them. Practice shows that such a successful combination of work and leisure gives good results, the number of orders from companies is growing, and customer loyalty is increasing. ”

The organization system is simple: a number of manufacturers working in the same price segment pool together, think over the concept and program of the event, choose a place and invite each of their customers. As a result, customers, as a rule, place orders not only with their regular supplier, but also with other companies presented at the presentation. Thus, companies expand their customer databases and receive more orders. Buyers get rid of the need to rush to place orders at large shoe exhibitions, the working atmosphere of which is far from ideal.

“Naturally, organizing and delivering an independent road presentation is more difficult than becoming a participant in one that has existed for many years,” says Yulia Chursina, Head of Marketing at Analpa. “But I think it's worth it. We decided to take this step after assessing the effect of such a presentation last year. We ourselves did not participate in it, but we know about the effectiveness of the feedback from colleagues and clients. In addition, today there are only five companies here, while at any exhibition their number reaches two hundred or more. Accordingly, the competition is many times higher, and customers have less time to place orders. "

At the presentation, Analpa demonstrated three new brands - Keddo (comfortable shoes for sports design), Disney (children's shoes) and Marсello di nuove from Brazil. “In turn, we can boast of being the first in the Russian market to launch the“ shoe bag ”collection in the middle price segment,” continues Julia. - This is our pride, and we expect the collection to find its buyer. At least our customers are clearly interested in her. ”

But at Julia Grossi, according to tradition, half of the spring-summer collection is occupied by black classic shoes with medium stable heels or stilettos. “Black is the priority color of our collections. Even in the summer, ”explains Yulia Ivonina, CEO of the company. - Neither beige nor red can compare with him. While black is the most popular among buyers. Although recently we started the release of the fashion line. ”

Cornado is Patrol's new brand, men's classic moccasin shoes. “Up to now, our company has not had an experience in organizing on-site presentations. We routinely placed orders at exhibitions and in the office, ”says Natalia Ermokhina, Head of Patrol Sales. Therefore, of course, I wanted to surprise my customers with something. Entering the market for a new brand came in handy. ”

The companies agree that the law “Alone in the field is not a warrior” is in force on the market today. Intense competition, which arose due to the oversaturation of the shoe market in Russia, does not allow them to play alone. The companies are forced to unite, creating peculiar pools, which are used not only at presentations, but also at large exhibitions. Shoemakers predict that this trend will grow and ultimately there will be no place for “loners” in the market.

Presentations organized by shoe manufacturers for their clients on the eve of industry exhibitions are becoming more and more frequent in Russia. Someone considers this a tribute to fashion, and someone is cunning ...
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