Perfect Sales Formula
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Perfect Sales Formula

Why are only some sellers able to sell everything, and most of the employees in the trading floor languidly accompany the goods on the shelves? How to find the perfect seller and increase sales in a crisis? How to ensure the development of the company even in these difficult times? These questions, which are constantly asked by each owner of the retail business, store manager, head of personnel services, are answered by Clever-Fashion marketing director, business coach Alexander Lyashkevich.

Today, a huge number of methods and systems have been developed and applied to improve the skills of employees, develop their professional skills and personal qualities, motivation, team cohesion and much more, which is the key to the successful development of any business, including retail.

Store management is a very difficult and troublesome business, because in the end its owner or manager deals with people - sellers and buyers, the human factor in the successful operation of the store often becomes crucial. There are several components of the ideal sales formula that are “tied” exclusively to human relationships and emotions; this formula has its own unknowns. Let's try to calculate them and learn how to use them to the maximum, correctly solving the most complex problems with its help.

Cheer up!

The first and most important thing in sales is the mood of the seller and the business as a whole. As you know, a good mood is half the success of any business that we undertake, and even more so the sales process. The seller’s positive attitude should be based on:

  • corporate culture in the company;
  • self-confidence in your product;
  • love for his work, product, company and for himself, no matter how high-sounding it sounds.

If the seller has all these factors, then we can say that successful sales have already been realized by him at 30%.

The seller must be able to control his mood and know the simplest methods and methods of raising it. Such quick and effective ways to cheer up include: oranges or freshly squeezed juice (vitamin C), chocolate, coffee or cocoa, favorite music, healthy sleep for at least 8 hours, physical activity. There is another simple way that not everyone knows about - 15 minutes to hold a pencil between your teeth, which activates the muscles of the face responsible for the smile.

Service must be sincere

A customer-oriented company is a company in which everything revolves around the customer! Sellers who believe that only a great product at a good price is enough for successful sales are losing sight of that it is not at all a priority for the company. Today, excellent black (brown, burgundy, etc.) shoes (boots, boots, sandals, etc.) can be bought anywhere and find a suitable option for the price and quality!

Today it’s not enough just to sell the product, but you need to be sincerely interested in the tastes of the buyer, offer an experiment with unusual options for him, sometimes just “chat” and learn more about your client.

When you provide exceptional service to your customers, there is a response - they become responsive. They feel good emotions, recommend and tout your store to friends, and eventually bring in new customers. This means that your exceptional service is working to increase your loyal customer base. Exceptional service is our inner state. Pour a glass of water for a child, give a napkin, give advice or help navigate the shopping center - all this should be sincere, go, as they say, from the heart, from the heart. This cannot be taught, this need comes from within. Of course, there are by nature people who are more responsive and sincere and less, and among the sellers come across extraordinary warmth, attentive people or real "crackers" and "robots". But a lot depends on a person's desire to change for the better, therefore, it is necessary to cultivate openness and a desire to make the world a little better and kinder within oneself.

Sales psychology

The sales process can be represented as a triangle with the sides:

  1. Seller
  2. Buyer
  3. Product

For the manager and owner of the store in the first place - should be the seller (employees), in the second - the buyer and only in the third - the goods. Why so? Because they serve people. You may have the best service philosophy in the world, but if there is no one to put it into practice, you lose.

Remember how outstanding service stands out from the crowd.

How to start a conversation with a client?

The seller must be able to manage the conversation through questions, while using active listening methods. The structure of the conversation should be in the following proportion:

  • 60-70% - open questions (extracting);
  • 15-20% - alternative questions (guides);
  • 15-20% - closed questions (clarifying);

The active listening method is based on the following components:

  1. Supporting Echo -
    Repetition of the last words of the client during the conversation. Thus, we maintain contact with him and encourage the buyer to further state their thoughts.
  2. Semantic echo -
    Repetition of one or two keywords from the statement of the client. This allows us to direct his speech in a certain direction and concentrate it on the important topic of conversation for us.
  3. Rephrasing -
    Repetition of the client's thoughts in your own words using special introductory words. In this way, you achieve a complete understanding of the client's needs, and the client is confident that he is understood. Paraphrase (retelling, presentation of the read, heard text in his own words) also encourages the client to stick to one topic, developing his thoughts in more detail and in detail. At the same time, one should try to use the client's language.
    The seller should also pay close attention to his gestures and posture, as an encoded message for the buyer. Arms crossed on the chest (closed posture) - are a sign of a barrier and a barrier built by the seller between himself and the buyer. An open pose is more effective, in which the arms and legs are not crossed, the body is directed towards the interlocutor and the palms are slightly turned towards the communication partner.
Why are only some sellers able to sell everything, and most of the employees in the trading floor languidly accompany the goods on the shelves? How to find the perfect seller and increase sales in a crisis? How…
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