Best seller: Marina Karpova, Rieker
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Best seller: Marina Karpova, Rieker

There are few naturally talented sellers. Marina Karpova, sales assistant at the Rieker store, is one of them. She says that she is not doing anything fantastic, everything comes naturally, by itself. It's just that for her, selling is as natural a process as breathing, and work is an opportunity to help people.

How did you get into the profession?

In fact, there was no such tough and unambiguous choice - I want only to trade -. I decided to try it. I tried - it turned out. Although by education I am not a seller. I chose not trade, but what I wanted to sell - clothes or shoes, and decided that I wanted to sell shoes.

Have you been working here for a long time?

Not very long - two years.

But on the other hand, and not a little. Salespeople are said to change jobs every six months.

Actually, I really enjoy working here, so I'm here. I like the place (the store is located in Moscow, on Shcherbakovskaya St.), and the team and the management are good. All good.

How everything went well. How did you come to the store?

I came when I saw an ad in a magazine that the store needed sellers. That is, I did not have any protection. I liked very much that they immediately accepted me well in the team, there were no slanting looks, wariness, relations immediately developed warm.

What is the hardest thing about a seller?

Sometimes difficult buyers come who need not only buy shoes, but “let off steam”.

And what do you do with them?

We make him calm down. Looked around. Looked closely at the shoes. And in the end, he still leaves with shoes.

If you have the worst mood, it happens that in the morning it went wrong. Are there any ways to enter the trading floor with a smile?

When I go to work, I leave my mood at home. Of course, I am a person, and my mood is different, but I try not to show my bad mood.

What do you value most in your work?

Communication with customers. That I can help choose shoes. You know, it is such a pleasure to see that a man in shoes literally flies.

What do you like about the Rieker brand?

These are very comfortable shoes for everyday wear. I believe that Rieker has the best selection of shoes for problematic feet. And to us such buyers, with "bones", a big lift, come very often.

And if a person comes and does not know what to choose, is he lost? ..

I first offer him some models. He is trying them on. Then he chooses from five or six which is more convenient, which is better.

You have rare patience, because it is not often possible to meet a seller who is ready to show more than two or three pairs. And what do you do if you see that a man doesn’t fit shoes, but he wants to buy them?

We offer him to buy shoes and go home, try on, think. We have a two-week guarantee when the shoes can be returned. Although in fact they return it very rarely.

When do you receive information about the new collection, its features?

Even before it appears in the store, we have the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the new collection at the exhibition, when we help the managers of our supplier Riker-Vostok LLC at MosShoes.

Are regular customers coming to you?

There are such. Greetings, talk, counsel. You already know what to offer them, what novelties to advise. I believe that this is also part of the professionalism of the seller.

Is there any season when you like to work the most? It works very well when a new collection arrives - when customers are already waiting for it. And during sales - when discounts are already on, and buyers become more mobile.

There are few naturally talented sellers. Marina Karpova, sales assistant at the Rieker store, is one of them. She says that she does not do anything fantastic, everything turns out naturally, by itself ...
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