Best seller: Nadezhda Bezruchenkova, Corsocomo
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Best seller: Nadezhda Bezruchenkova, Corsocomo

Nadezhda Bezruchenkova works as a senior shift salesperson at the Moscow CORSOCOMO store on Komsomolsky Prospekt. She is one of the best salespeople on the network and a very empathetic conversationalist. These two qualities are inextricably linked with each other, because the main professional rule of Nadezhda is easily formulated in one word: "attention". Nadezhda told Shoes Report about what other principles she is guided by in her favorite work.

Hope, how did you start your career at CORSOCOMO?

- I came to work in this store on Komsomolsky Prospect as a sales assistant in May 2011 of the year when it was first opened. At the interview I was informed that the staff was recruiting to a new store, and I was very happy because it is always nice to come to the team that was just assembled. Before that, I worked in the restaurant business, and the decision to switch to retail was spontaneous. I went for interviews, and at CORSOCOMO I was intrigued by the fact that here from the first minute of meeting they expect something more from you. Our company really appreciates people, sellers, and they here, in turn, expect us to be polite, loyal and flexible to customers. And it is very captivating. You immediately understand that you’re not just selling shoes. In addition, our company is developing together with us: in each collection, our comments and wishes of customers regarding the completeness, height of the heel, and convenience are taken into account - this is very important for customers in our store. We are looking forward to each new collection, and it always turns out to be even better than the previous one. This time, customers even requested that the spring-summer collection arrive as soon as possible. And now, a few days after its receipt, it already makes up almost half of the sales in relation to the autumn-winter collection.

Wow! This is despite the fact that discounts are now available for the autumn-winter collection ... By the way, what features of the work appear during the sales period?

- Our people are already accustomed to selling, so the flow of buyers is becoming larger, and the load on sellers is higher. And if, when a new collection arrives, customers roughly know what they need, then during the sale they simply react to a good offer, and we already find out in the process of communication what they would like. At the trainings, we are just taught to find out not the need, but the buyer’s motive - what the person came with. For example, women often come to the store for a sense of novelty. Although many of our regular customers need comfort, quality, reliability. These are mainly people from the age of 40 to 60 years who do not travel to shopping centers. At first they looked at our store, found out what our brand was, bought shoes with us, came and told us what it was like to wear.

What is the difference between your customers?

- Frunzenskaya is a very good area, there are many famous people who do not spend time shopping in Moscow and buy everything in Europe. They are spoiled by European service, but they are not spoiled by him here at all. And when we offer them coffee, they are very surprised because they are not used to such a service in Moscow.

Do you offer coffee only to celebrities or to everyone else too?

- Yes, almost everyone! It’s in a shopping center that people don’t have time, but with us they can sit down and relax. We offer them to undress, treat with branded chocolate, pour coffee, let the men flip through the magazines, we spend the children in the toilet, if necessary.

Please tell us more about men. What kind of buyers are they?

- Men as clients are very attentive, and more than women are interested in production. They ask, “how is this done?”, “Why is a leather sole better?”, They are interested in production technologies. Pay attention to the little things, so working with them takes longer. But if a woman can forget, leave, then remember, return, then men are more constant and thorough. They first come for classics, and then look at our other lines of men's shoes and often become regular customers.

How do you work with women?

- In dealing with women, the main secrets are attention and willingness to talk, and not only about shoes. One day a very upset customer came to us who had just parted with a young man. I don’t remember if she bought something then, but we talked sincerely and then she returned to thank for participating. Later, when we had an action with gifts, we purposefully phoned her and she gladly came, leaving with the purchase. A woman often just needs to pay attention, she needs to be met comfortably, have a human conversation, and not communicate with her for the sole purpose of selling something.

What are some difficult clients?

- Most often, complex clients are women with a certain status and psychologically closed: “she knows what she wants, all by herself, by herself.” But this, too, can be overcome, because all people need communication, it just takes two minutes for someone to talk, and twenty for someone. The main thing is not to be imposed, but to show that you are nearby. Well, then you can already talk!

What are you talking to customers about?

- About everything! The one who came for the first time is told about the brand and products. If a person is already familiar with our brand, we coordinate it on designer capsules. In the process of trying to find out how and with what he wears shoes. We work very successfully with our company magazines: there are beautiful images that we show as an example of the combination of shoes and clothes. Finally, people stopped thinking that the bag should fit the shoes, and the scarf and lipstick must be matched to the tone.

Remember your first big sale?

- We have big sales very often - I say this, comparing with other stores. People here are ready to give a lot of money with one check, and often buy a bag and two or three pairs of shoes at a time. We are used to it and we always help each other to pack purchases, bring them to the car, leave the boxes with us if "the husband sees, he will curse." And specifically speaking about the first big sale ... I remember one man bought goods at 40 000 rubles from us. He bought shoes for his daughter and wife, they both had 37 shoe sizes, and we helped him choose with the whole shift. Usually we give discount cards for a discount from 5% to 20%, but on that day we called the marketing department and asked for an exception to give him a card for 30% as a sign of our gratitude. Now he is our regular customer, and when he comes from abroad - he spends a lot of time there - he often comes to us.

Does your marketing department always meet you so easily?

- In general, we are in very close interaction with them. The office is nearby, and if they want to try something - layout, design, promotion - they test it on our store to understand how the innovation will work. From this point of view, we are always in the center of events.

What bright, exciting work events do you recall?

- We have a lot of exciting days. For example, in May, in honor of the brand’s birthday, we arrange discounts and promotions, treat customers with champagne, and we always design the store very nicely. This year, torches were installed at the entrance, and music speakers were brought out onto the street. It was a real holiday. But, of course, CORSOCOMO closed shows, which bring together all the office staff and the best sellers, are of the greatest thrill. We meet brand designers there, stars perform for us - for the last time, for example, Mitya Fomin, Julia Savicheva, Sveta Svetikova, Anastasia Makeeva, Ekaterina Volkova came. This is very cool: we feel part of a big company.

I noticed that you always talk about yourself in the plural, on behalf of all the other sellers, even when it comes to your own achievements ...

- I do not try to highlight myself. Yes, I am the best seller, and I have been praised for this more than once, but I do not think that this is my personal merit. Of course, there are some individual points. For example, when I went to work part-time at our store in the Domodedovsky shopping center, one man wrote in a review book that I was packing packages unusually beautifully, and he really enjoyed watching the process. That was nice.

By what criteria are you considered the best seller?

- By sales and seasonal assessment of staff. We have a gradation of sellers in 1, 2 and 3 categories, and I am a seller of 1 categories from the very first certification. And I became the shift supervisor a year after I came to work as a sales assistant. Here is a very real career growth, it all depends on you. Every half year, in addition to trainings, we undergo a seasonal assessment, and any seller always has the opportunity to send an application to the personnel department if he believes he is ready for something more. The company often holds contests for open vacancies both in network stores and in the office. If an employee has a desire to become a senior shift seller, he will need to undergo training and attestation for compliance with the position, confirm that he is ready. There is no such thing that you are thrown into work without preparation, and you live in constant stress because of this. It is generally calmer here than in the restaurant business, where I used to work, but at the same time I have to communicate with people a lot, just like I like.

Who did you study for?

- I have a law degree. I wanted to go to criminal law, but dad persuaded to civil. This is paper work, I quickly got bored, and when my friends opened a restaurant in my third year and called me a manager there, I realized that I did not want to be a lawyer. I finished my studies so as not to upset my parents. Now, after the restaurant business, I have increased stress resistance, I can smooth out any conflict situation.

What do you do in your free time? By the way, does it happen to you?

- Of course, the 2 / 2 schedule allows you to relax. I’m still volunteering for part-time jobs because I don’t get tired. In my free time I go to yoga, meet friends. I love my cat very much - I have a sphynx, problematic, I have to babysit it with my child. I go to discos, go on vacation. In general, I rest as well as all people.

Interviewed by Olga Sevastyanova

Nadezhda Bezruchenkova works as a senior shift salesperson at the Moscow CORSOCOMO store on Komsomolsky Prospekt. She is one of the best salespeople on the network and a very empathetic conversationalist. These two…
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