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List of Original Stock Promotions

Communicate, communicate and communicate again. For good sales, a good place and a good product are implied by themselves. For super-sales, your desire to share news with the client matters, to make him pleased. 99,9% of companies hold shares on New Year's Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day and during sales. Effective, but already too familiar. We propose to expand the list of stocks of 2010 due to other Russian and international holidays.

www.den youth.JPGJanuary 11. World Thank You Day... The unobtrusive Soviet service forgot about this word. Young and talented modern sellers do not know this word yet. That is why January 11 is the best way to tell customers about your high-quality service: an evening of meeting with the most polite seller of the month, a contest for the best smile, an SMS message to regular customers with gratitude for coming to the store and an invitation to a sale. There are plenty of options for creativity.

March 15th. World Consumer Rights Day... You shouldn't take too far away the camouflage left over from merchandising dedicated to February 23rd. In mid-March, it will perfectly decorate the interior of a store that wants to demonstrate its strength and power in protecting consumer rights. Plus artistic readings of the "Law on Rights ..." performed by actors of the drama theater ... Or the crowning of the buyers who made the largest purchases on February 23 and March 8 ... Again, there are a lot of options that require minimal props and small organizational and communication resources.

March 21. Trade Workers Day. It is sacred. Corporate event for sellers and partners with trips to the sea, to the mountains, to safari, to hunt, to fish. Burning a stuffed consumer extremist. Long discussions around the campfire about the differences in motivation and stimulation.

April 7th. World Health Day. Did you know that of the 205 bones that hold the human body, 52 are in the feet? And on them lies both the skeleton and the immortal soul. And all this must be protected for oneself, for posterity and for eternity. That is why on the day of health, you must definitely remind customers that you have the most comfortable shoes for sale. The invited fitness instructor holds a workshop in the store, changing shoe models sold in the store on the go. Each buyer receives a discount on visits to the fitness center. What you want from the fitness center, decide for yourself.

5 May. Europe Day... In Russia, 90% of footwear is imported. Minus China, Turkey, both Americas, 30% remains for European shoes. And this is also a lot. All distributors of European footwear just need to tell on this day that “Europe is tradition, style and design”. In the store, the symbols of the supplying countries will be appropriate. Intellectuals and winners of the competition for the deepest knowledge of the history of the countries whose shoes you sell are presented with a map of the coalition program with a neighboring bookstore (or just his discount coupon). What do you want from book readers, again you can decide for yourself.

May 15. World Families Day... An excellent chance to increase the number of units in a check and raise the average check itself. Well, of course, if you do not forget to remind customers of family values ​​and offer them something so that they look to your light. A special offer for those who celebrate silver and gold weddings this year will work well for recognition. Maybe it will be 25% and 50% discounts. Maybe cross-promotion with jewelry stores. An alternative option is for newlyweds who have just created a home. All couples who have tied the knot this year are given a lighting kit - matches, alder steps, a hair dryer for fanning the fire.

26 of May. Russian Entrepreneurship Day. Another domestic holiday, designed to recall the creative start of a business with partners. Variations depend on the preferences of your and your colleagues.

June 13th. Textile and Light Industry Day... Stores supporting domestic producers cannot miss this day. In order to overcome stereotypes, it is possible to organize the launch of kites (with the logos of the store and domestic manufacturers, of course) under the code name "Day of Relief". You can beat the “easy one” by organizing the weighing of customers in the store: if you guess your weight, you get a prize. Not guessing - a smile. A weight control booklet (possibly sponsored by one of the nearby spas) is included with the purchase.

www-den-ozona.jpg27th of June. Youth Day... The best option is that your store becomes a sponsor of a club party, and on all flyers you write the address where good shoes are given in large letters. In the store itself, investments are made in deferred purchases in the form of distribution of bonus coupons for May 15, 2011 - for those who by that time will be able to celebrate World Day of Families.

16 of September. International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer... In the absence of dedicated time for environmentally conscious companies, this day can be used to educate buyers about your suppliers' respect for the noosphere. Chrome-free leather. Tire soles. Recycled cardboard packaging. Few of the consumers know about what it actually is. The holiday is good for children's stores, where the elimination of illiteracy can be supplemented with promotions for rubber shoes: the results of the photo contest "I and the Puddle" on the walls; immersion in an inflatable pool of "flowers of life" testing dutik for strength; coloring shoeboxes - or DIY your own shoebox origami game (to take your purchased shoes home).

September 26th. World Foreign Language Day... An excellent reason for importers to remind brand legends about the names of brands, about the founding fathers and put a mini-dictionary in a box with shoes: "I", "buy", "shoes", "brand", "I", "love", "Shoes", "brand" ...

September 27. World Tourism Day... If you do not want to take your customers to nature, far from the store, then tourism should come to you. The ideal option is to install a climbing trainer in the store. And hang coupons with different discounts over the simulator at different heights: 3%, 4%, 5%. Whichever the visitor can reach will receive such a discount.

the 25th of October. Customs Day of the Russian Federation. Without words.

15th of November. World Quality Day... Conduct a face-to-face confrontation between consumer expertise and buyers in the store - an hour of questions and answers.

November 21. Tax Day... How to celebrate this difficult day? Keeping your distance, congratulate your tax inspector by phone. In front of the store, you can organize a small fireworks - so that not patience explodes, but firecrackers.

December 11th. International Mountain Day... If your store has survived World Tourism Day, then your customers are already waiting for the holiday. Of course, it would be best to make an ice slide in the form of a shoe in front of the store, but where on our streets can you find so much space. Therefore, it is better to make a promotion for regular customers (the New Year is not far away): come, buy, get a surprise. And here is the most interesting thing - he does not know that he will receive a Mont Blanc pen, Ararat cognac, the Brokenback Mountain film, Coelho's Fifth Mountain book ... Although he sees the entire list of possible gifts on the cash register. Any action requires not so much money as effort - to meet with the owners of a nearby perfume shop, order from the printing house not just blanks with poorly read instructions on how to take care of shoes, but a full-fledged leaflet with some additional texts (they also need to be written), find cardboard for origami boxes. Believe me, the love of customers will pay off a hundredfold all these efforts. And in any case, if you want to stay in this business for another ten years, now you need to go outside the store - closer to the customers. And not through direct mail, but directly.

 99,9% of companies hold promotions for the New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day and during sales. We propose to expand the list of 2010 shares to include other Russian and ...
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