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25 Ways to Become Successful on the Internet

During the June conference “Partisan Marketing”, Vitaly Myshlyaev, general director of the company “SilaUma”, shared with his students a good five dozen ways to effectively work with the site without a budget. Some of these methods of iMarketing are truly surprising in their simplicity and freshness. We publish some recommendations of Vitaly Myshlyaev on successful work with clients on the Internet.

Four things are important in online marketing without a budget: trust in the product, without which the site is just an empty “enticement”; the benefits of the product, without which it makes no sense to engage in marketing on the Internet; the zeal that people working on the site should show (but they still need to pay); and system. To build an iMarketing system, you must complete the following tasks:

· Create a website,

· Attract visitors to it,

· Promote your site using social networks,

· Persuade people to contact your company through the site,

· Increase the conversion of site visitors to buyers of your products,

· Find out the opinions of customers,

· Return and retain customers.

In this article, we will publish only part of the methods for each of the points. The full version of the recommendations can be heard at the seminars by Vitaly Myshlyaev and Igor Mann, “Marketing without a budget.”

website Development

Venture capitalist Paul Graham once said: "The mistake that kills companies is to do what your customers don’t need." Many branded sites are a sad confirmation of his words: they are created for too long, are made so that the client is not interested in them, and as a result they incur direct and indirect losses due to lost profits. To avoid this, do not create a monster from the site with numerous headings and long texts “about the best company in the world” and do not waste time perfecting each page. It is better to choose one simple design and gradually “screw” useful tools to it, constantly checking them for effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you make your site better:

Collect leads without a site: You can collect potential customers before the site starts. You can do this by describing new products and services, having only one page for them. Resources such as launchrock, kickoff labs, launcheffectapp.com, my.betali.st, prefinery.com they will just help to gather potential customers with their contacts and opinions about a new product and put these leads in the database.

Make a website fast and budget: You need to be the fastest on the Internet, so you should not spend months of work coordinating designs and tens of thousands of rubles to bring to mind each element. To get started, use simple tools: ru.wix.com, ecwid.ru, squarespace.com, lpgenerator.ru, strikingly.com, nethouse.ru, unbounce.com. With their help, you can create a website with basic functions for free and quickly.

Contact form that works on 100%: The contact form is simply obliged to work properly, otherwise the whole site does not make sense. That is why this tool can become the most expensive tool of the site. You can order a separate form on the portals wufoo.com, 123form.com. If you are interested in knowing how people fill out (or don't fill out) the form fields, order a free video report from the service metrika.yandex.ru.

Attracting visitors to the site

Link to the site in the email signatures: Create a signature for your employees in emails with a link to your website. But it’s important to send not to the main page, but to the landing page. Beautiful signatures will help create a generator htmlsig.com, glooq.com can automatically change the signatures of all employees at the same time, however, it only works with Microsoft Outlook.

Comment on: Leave meaningful comments on topic forums, sites, and blogs. In no case do not sell the product directly in the comments, do not insert the prepared text into it. Remember that profit and trust are the foundation of marketing, so do not undermine them. Write only on business, create the image of a professional in this field.

Work offline: Create an effective slogan and distribute it offline using t-shirts, souvenirs, desktop wallpapers, stickers on a laptop, door, car or notebook. To prepare a truly working call to action, do the exercise “inscription on the billboard”: think what would you write on a billboard next to the site address? The inscription should be a launcher and attracting attention.

Participate in co-blogging: Co-blogging is the creation of interesting and useful articles that a famous blogger wants to post in his journal. Using add-ons for any browser rapportive.com find the owner of the 500 + audience, write him a slightly flattering letter in the spirit of “May I be of help to you?” and suggest once a week to provide an actual article on the topic. Write articles in the format of the site for which it is intended. Forget about the story about your company, and give readers what they want to know. Unobtrusively screw a link to your website in the text: put different links for each resource so that you can track which resources visitors come from. Organize links using a resource bit.ly.

Share presentations: Create an interesting presentation for users and upload it to the resource SlideShare.com. There, it is easily found by users on related topics. In addition, the presentation can be inserted on the site almost like a video clip, this will increase the visitor’s stay on the site.

Promotion in social networks

The general idea of ​​promotion on social networks is to be useful and answer people's questions. Mark all the links that you post to the group on Facebook using the service bit.ly, to understand where visitors come from. Remember that if you started a group, you undertook to lead it and do it well. There is nothing sadder than an abandoned Facebook page. If you can’t write your own materials, share strangers. The main thing is that they are useful.

Ask to share: Add the “tell your friends” buttons to the site. Thanks to them, traffic to your site can grow up to 3 times. In addition, the usefulness of your content can be determined by the number of those who shared it with friends on social networks. To stimulate, you can give visitors balls and bonuses for clicking on the "share" button.

Organize a Tweet If your site has content that you feel sorry for giving visitors just like that, let me download it in exchange for a tweet. To do this, use the special program tweetkassa.ru.

Convincing visitors

The vast majority of companies create sites that can not convince the visitor of anything, because they consist of "I-text." To make the site really sell, get rid of endless stories about your wonderful company, your outstanding achievements and your wonderful employees. Give the visitor to the site why he came - a solution to his problem. Fill the site with content that will solve this particular goal and draw attention to it with appropriate slogans. Here's what else you can do:

Use mental cards: Mind Maps is a convenient way to organize all ideas and suggestions in one field. A good resource for creating mental maps is MindMeister.com, but such cards can also be drawn on a large sheet of paper. On the left side of the sheet, write everything that your company does and offers. On the left, write down what customers want to know and group your wishes by topic. It is important to formulate these wishes precisely in those phrases that the customers themselves pronounce over the phone, in emails and at meetings. Now carefully compare the left and right parts of the sheet and see where the company's offers coincide with the wishes of the customers. The more intersections, the greater the value in the eyes of customers can be for your company and product. Use the information to create useful and selling texts on the site.

Become an IPI (source of useful information): When people start to think that you are an expert on a topic of interest to them, they will start buying more from you. Brainstorm: come up with topics for useful content, consider the portrait of the audience and evaluate each material in terms of its benefit to the client. For the evaluation criteria, take compliance with the portrait of the client, a clear form of presentation, customer needs and the relationship with your product.

Use video content marketing: Record some video answers to the questions that most concern your audience. Do not try to make a beautiful professional video (although it will never be redundant), because the main thing in this format is content, not presentation. Proved by the example of numerous video hits on youtube.com.

Host free webinars: Prepare content for training, create a landing page for it, collect interested visitors and arrange a training webinar. Program example Google+ Hangouts help you.

Converting visitors to buyers

A site can be arbitrarily beautiful, convenient and understandable, but if it does not fulfill its main function - turning visitors into buyers - it does not make sense as a marketing tool. Here's what you can do to increase the conversion of site visitors to your company’s customers:

Create Landing Page: The landing page is the place where all the main arguments in favor of your company are collected and the call for a specific action is to buy a product, sign up for a show room, or call the company. The landing page should be organized in such a way that the visitor does what you want from him. Choose one, but the specific action that the site visitor should take, and bring it to that. The content of the landing page has its own formula: create a headline that will resonate with the main promise of the company; write a text that will show the real (and not invented by you) advantages of your products; “Spread straw” to the client, so that he will get rid of any concerns about your proposal; create a “king-button” calling to do what is required of the client. A good advantage of the landing page is such a structure, when it is clear to the user what they should do next - read your argument, then watch the video, then read the reviews of other users, and ultimately perform a specific action by clicking on the “king-button”. The main mistake of the landing page is when it calls to do everything at once: sign up for the show room, call the company and buy the product.

Make the king-button bigger: such a funny word is called a button that calls the site visitor to the desired target action - buy, order, try, call, sign up. It is noticed that the larger the button size, the higher the conversion of site visitors to customers. Therefore, select one target action you need, make a large contrast button and test the results by changing its sizes. A variety of designs of "king-buttons" are on the resource qubesys.com can be found. The whole site should be built around this button, because it is it that turns visitors into buyers. Therefore, make sure that the "king-button" is not lost somewhere in the vastness of your portal.

Install Hello Bar: This is a bar that draws attention from the top of the site. Hello-bar has about the same value as the “king-button”, and increases the conversion to 5-7% on the page on which it is installed. The most important thing is not to abuse this tool and implement it only for a while, for example, not a sale period or special offers. Options for drop-down bars are on the site Hellobar.com.

Smart pop-up: Pop-ups really work even though they annoy everyone. It is best to use pop-ups to collect email addresses. Portal Pippity.com offers options for such pop-ups with designs, display conditions and even demonstrates the level of conversion.

Thank you page: So that the site visitor after he has performed the necessary action using the “king-button” does not have the feeling of being used, add the “Thank you” page. Thank the site visitor on it for the perfect action, and suggest several options: share on social networks (in this place, the client in 8 is more likely to tell friends about your site than on other pages), read something interesting, or do something yet. Offer three tools, and you will notice that the time spent by a visitor on a site can increase times in 20.

Visitor Retention

Remember the 404 Page: This is the page of the site that opens instead of the deleted or broken page. It is very important so that an unprepared visitor, seeing just an error message, does not think that the site has broken down and has not left. In order not to lose a person, install this page and post on it a vacancy, a funny photo from the life of your company or other elements that will be useful to the visitor or will include his emotions.

Use retargeting: this is when an advertising message on a topic of interest to a person begins to “haunt” a visitor on different sites. Services such as Google AdWords, Yandex.Advertising Network with Yandex.Direct, Adroll (for foreign audiences), Perfect Audience, Retargeter. If you use this tool, in no case do not overdo it: determine which visitors you really want to return and set the display condition in the settings no more than 10-20 times. On the banner itself write a specific call to action, the reason why the visitor should return to you.

Create a knowledge base: People want to find answers to their questions, so you can and should create your own knowledge base. Collect all user questions, write the answers to them, and do not forget to give links to a more detailed answer in blogs or on articles on the site. You will get a kind of customer support center. You can create such a knowledge base with Desk.com.

Contact Us

As the famous designer Artemy Lebedev said, «The task of marketing is very simple: you need to find out what everyone wants and do it. ” In order to find out what your potential customers want, organize feedback.

Set the chat window: Chats built into the site in the form of an online consultant are gaining more and more popularity. You can use the service Jivosite.ru. Add to this service Vuprawho knows how to analyze where a person came from and determine other data that will be useful to company managers. other data. Or jivosite.ru

Make a survey on the site: just do not make it very boring and long. To find out how people fill out the questionnaire, try the UserReport.com service. He tries to determine the portrait of the client, summarizes all the answers by tone and shows where people went on your site after filling out the form.

Find out the interests of the audience: Service crypta.yandex.ru available to Yandex.Metrica users. It analyzes the search queries of each visitor and draws up a map of interests based on this. Itself Yandex metric can show which page visitors are viewing the site to, how they move the cursor on the page and other behaviors.

During the June conference “Partisan Marketing”, Vitaly Myshlyaev, general director of the company “SilaUma”, shared with his audience a good five dozen ways to effectively work with the site ...
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