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The fall in demand has made many promotion tools ineffective. Is it possible to regain previous success or find new ways to attract customer attention? The answers to this question were sought by Liliana Berger.

BTL3_1.jpg"Change or Die!"

This frightening phrase from Tatiana Komissarova, dean of the Higher School of Marketing and Business Development of the State University - Higher School of Economics, sounds like a verdict for retailers. “The rules have tightened, and there is no third choice. Fighting the situation is not worth it. It just needs to be changed. The crisis has too clearly demonstrated the weaknesses of the middle segment of the shoe business. And today, with an incompetent leadership and an inexpedient approach to solving the tasks set, neglecting the restructuring of system management and innovative views, the collapse of the company is inevitable, "explained Tatiana Komissarova.

The lower the demand, the more attention you need to pay to the service. This truth, slightly forgotten during the large-scale deployment of regional networks, has now come to the fore.

A big difference

The problem is that most of the leaders of Russian shoe companies did not have time to reorient themselves. They grew with the market and used only a marketing marketing model. Under the changed conditions, the consumer marketing model will be more effective.

What is the difference between them?

In managing the mood of customers. If the sales model is built to stimulate as many purchases as possible, then consumer marketing is focused on the other - from the many options to choose the right one.

Why did the marketing model stop working?

To maintain a stable sales, good sellers, marketers, specialists in advertising and PR are needed. However, last year, companies reduced their advertising budgets and staff. This slowed down the sales model.

What prospects does the consumer model have?

Unfortunately, in Russia there are very few specialists who can work with consumer markets (this model is typical for Japan and European countries. The practice of using it is about 30 years). Our marketers are used to supporting demand, not shaping it. Only by changing the approach, you can return customers to stores.

Example: Last year, Realpro did a great job for the Trace shoe store chain. The company changed its positioning, navigation in the trading floor was simplified, and a creative promotion strategy was developed.

The main goal that the network pursued was to turn from a “men's shoes store” into a “store for the whole family” and expand its audience. The facade of the store was stylized as a shoe box. For the convenience of customers, sections in the trading floor are differentiated by color: men's shoes are in the blue sector, women’s in the pink and children’s in bright yellow.

Is advertising profitable?

How is advertising changing? Glamor with ideal advertising models is a thing of the past. Artificial impeccability buyers are fed up and wanted more information. So it is necessary to give it - generously and from the heart. About the quality and properties of the product, about how it can be useful to the consumer.

Zenden employees believe that people like funny and enjoyable ads. “The crisis, winter apathy, a hangover after the holidays spoil people's lives, and they don’t want to spend money. With our advertising, we try to create their mood and help them return to normal. Our clients are young people and middle-aged people who actively respond to cheerful, vibrant and positive advertising. For example, on advertising posters with discount information, a collage with mowing mice was depicted. After we released outdoor advertising in the style of Soviet propaganda about the price revolution. ”

You must choose the right channel for the distribution of advertising.

According to studies presented at the XIII International Conference "Marketing in Russia", advertising on the Internet is most effective. It is gaining momentum and advertising using sms. Image advertising still does not lose its relevance, as people sometimes want to see something beautiful and pleasant around them.

Btl2_1.jpgBTL promotion is of interest

The owner comes to the store to make a profit. The buyer is to have fun. BTL stocks usually appear at the intersection of these two interests. Unlike sales, BTL are built either on interactive communication with customers (send a photo, draw, sing, come up with and get ...), or on cooperative cooperation with companies from another sector (store + restaurant, store + pharmacy, store + cinema, store + gallery). Both methods are effective, and the only thing that is required for complete success is a clear organization. The expected results are quite obvious: for the buyer not only to come and buy, but to remember and speak.

One of the most successful and interesting BTL events in 2009 was shoe packaging. Agree, packaging is a strictly functional thing. But world-famous brands, using a fantasy game in their work, invented new forms with hidden additional properties.

Reebok Extra Grip has come up with a unique package. In anticipation of new sneakers, the buyer comes home, opens the box, and there it is empty. The secret is that a pair of shoes is attached to the inside of the cap.

By its centennial, Converse has released jubilee packaging in the form of a book stack, which can be stored on the shelf among other literary works.

In the box from Nike Stadium sneakers you can find a whole stadium in the form of a three-dimensional image. And Clot x Nike Air Force 1 created for his sneakers a kind of mysterious Pandora's box from Greek mythology.

Cooperation with Disney allowed the ECCO network to organize a series of campaigns “Watch a movie in Ecco shoes” - when buying two pairs of shoes, the buyer received a ticket for the premiere of the movie.

What else pleased the Russian companies with the buyers?

MONARCH chose the queen

The MONARCH Footwear chain of stores held a photo contest “Become the MONARCH Queen!” For a month. The winner was the 18-year-old Muscovite Anna Stepanyan. She will be the face of a chain of stores in the new season "Spring-Summer 2010". The award took place in one of the Moscow showrooms of the network.

Anna Stepanyan won the jury with a combination of elegant severity and gentle femininity. “The photos were taken by a professional, but Anna’s natural beauty and grace were visible on them,” says Elena Volkova, director of advertising for the company. The winner of the competition, in addition to filming for an advertising campaign, received a gift certificate in the amount of 10 000 rubles.

The competition also established incentive nominations for girls who won the most votes on the website www.monarch.ru. The title of “Vice Miss MONARCH” and gift certificates for 5000 rubles went to Ekaterina Arbatskaya from Moscow, Ekaterina Tatarnikova from Saratov and Natalya Zhukova from Rostov-on-Don.

Bally supported fellow countryman

Bally, the world's oldest luxury brand, sponsored the Le Corbusier - The Art of Architecture exhibition at London's Barbican Art Gallery. This exhibition is the first survey of the work of this world-renowned architect in London in over twenty years. The exhibition showcases the work of Le Corbusier for 60 years. The exposition focuses on a unique multidisciplinary approach: combining the richness of his paintings, films, sculptures, books and old photographs, original architectural models and interior models.

Both native to Switzerland, Le Corbusier and Bally are known as pioneers in their fields. Bally is known for introducing factory-made shoes. Le Corbusier became famous for radical ideas in the field of architecture.

The opening of the exhibition coincided with the new period for the Bally brand, as the brand first turned to e-commerce and launched its online store.

Along with the exhibition, Bally released an Argus bag for men and a wonderful model of Ilya women's shoes; everything is the personification of the modernist style of Le Corbusier. Both models were created specifically for the opening of the exhibition.

Sela took up animal husbandry

Sela regularly holds BTL promotions. The St. Petersburg office of the company thought about using the airspace of stores, hanging an inflatable cow in the entrance area. It was impossible not to notice the toy of impressive size. She was very pleased with the children who persistently drove into the parents' store. According to the creators of this decor, they managed to draw attention to the brand in a super-cheap way. The price of a cow is only 50 rubles. “SELAvie,” as the company says.

Clarks entered world literature

Clarks Ukrainian store for children held a competition "Big fantasies of little dreamers." Young masters of pen and paper were supposed to compose a fairy tale in which the main characters would be a pair of shoes. All 11 participants for their honest work received a teddy bear and Clarks book, “Keeping Your Hands in Turbulent Hands” - during the holiday, which was held in the store. An additional prize - a nice mouse - was awarded to the works of Marta Agafonova and Diana Gabrilchuk. Well, the fairy tale-poem of eight-year-old Valeria Bondarenko “Friendship” was recognized as the best.

Сonclusion There are three key findings. The crisis has changed the marketing marketing model to the consumer one. Buyers need much more product information. Information will be more intelligible if you make it entertaining.

The fall in demand made many promotional tools ineffective. Is it possible to return the previous success or find new ways to attract attention ...
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