Marketing in the context of stagnation and inflation
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Marketing in the context of stagnation and inflation

“In business, there are no concepts good or bad. This is mathematics, and in it, as you know, two plus two is always equal to four! ”- business coaching and entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko harshly outlined the situation, trying not to scare, but to make him think!

Indeed, you can talk as much as you like about the development of events, make forecasts and, clutching at your head, say that everything is not just bad, but worse. But, this is unlikely to allow you to keep your business afloat. “The crisis will not sit out. This is not the flu or the flood. The instability of the ruble leads to the fact that there is physically less money, loans are overdue, and this can lead to the collapse of the banking system. Real savings do not cover debts to banks. Therefore, you have to work out of minus money, and not out of profit, ”says Dmitry Potapenko.

1. Sales customer. The most important thing is not to lose touch with the client. " To do this, you must literally get into the soul of the client. Sell ​​not the characteristics of the goods, but the benefits of the client and talk only about the benefits of the client. Form the assortment so that the client does not need to think.

2. Price and quality extension. In the market, price comes to the fore! It is the competitive price that will make the customer make a purchase from you. How many shopping seasons are there in Russia? 21 - according to the number of holiday and event dates. Make in your business, in your retail network, at least 8 tied to the main holidays! Make standing offers for different customer stories. Study your client's needs - they haven't gone anywhere! There are two strategies for keeping sales - extending the quality of the product, working with other social groups of buyers. People will not be able to buy expensive goods, but they are willing to pay to renew the quality of the existing goods. Offer repair services, even basic treatment of suede shoes with a special water-repellent impregnation or prevention of slippery soles will become your competitive advantage. How much does a spray can cost? 300-500 rubles ?! Rather than offering it by rote at the checkout as a companion item, process the customer's purchased shoes. The cost of the service (considering that the spray can will be enough for you for 20 or more impregnations) is minimal.

3. Good location. Do not be fooled - no advertising will promote a point that is unsuccessful in terms of customer flow! The wrong choice of location is like a "childish" mistake, but everyone makes it anyway. The desire to open up as soon as possible and save on rent makes entrepreneurs go to places where no human has ever set foot - to basements, to second floors, to premises where you simply cannot turn around. Place, place, and again place is the immutable truth of retail. This mistake is the most fatal - unlike the assortment and staff, it cannot be easily changed.

4. Customer insight. To understand another person, first of all, you need to learn to listen not to yourself, but to him. This is especially important when identifying customer needs. A successful sale is based precisely on the identification and satisfaction of human needs. People are impressed when the seller identifies their real needs, listens carefully and takes into account the buyer's answers, offers them solutions and opportunities that they might not have considered, recommends additional goods for the most efficient use and the benefits that the buyer will receive as a result of using goods.

5. Cut costs. If the concept assumes that there is nothing without service personnel, then use all those little things that will increase the speed of service. Then you and people will need less. The first is hall optimization. Calculate flows: bulky, poorly combined furniture will delay movement. Avoid the gigantomania mistake in the assortment. “The owner of a small chain or a manager can periodically work in the hall himself. I know an Italian wine millionaire who serves guests himself. Why don't our small entrepreneurs try it too? Then the ways of personnel optimization will become obvious to you, ”says Dmitry Potapenko.

6. Count to eraser. “You should know your business before you eraser, even if your retail turnover is 6 million rubles a month. If you ask me, I will tell you exactly how much money is spent on the purchase of office supplies, and I will tell you the assortment by the piece, ”says Dmitry Potapenko, stressing the importance of being able to calculate costs and optimize them. - The market will be cleansed of the small and stupid entrepreneur. The main thing is that you are not. Remember, in a dog sled - if you are not a leader, life does not change, you look at someone else's butt. "

“There are no good or bad concepts in business. This is mathematics, and in it, as you know, two plus two always equals four! " - business coaching and entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko is tough ...
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