Outdated tricks to increase sales
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Outdated tricks to increase sales

In order to increase sales, retailers often use supposedly “time-tested” marketing tricks. Alas, most of them no longer work. Even modern methods lose their effectiveness. Here are five methods to forget about.

Firstly, too high discounts. Of course, discounts can benefit by attracting people to the store, but an excessive reduction in prices is more like a cry of despair and kills the desire of customers to continue to purchase goods at the first price.

Secondly, engaging in social networks. You can spend hours updating your Facebook page and chatting with potential customers. But at the end of the day, only from 1 to 10% of your subscribers will see your updates, and only a few people will make a purchase in your store. For starters, you should fix the conversion problem before spending too much time on online chat.

Thirdly, invitations to free events. You can hire clowns, a dozen make-up artists, attract a confectionery partner and spend a lot of money on advertising and probably everyone will have a great time. But if your problem is not in customers, but in sales, then it is extremely irrational to invest in attracting people who do not buy anything.

Fourth, flyers. This is pure throwing money down the drain. None of the potential buyers want to pay those who annoy them on the street.

Fifth, too wide an assortment. Adding new product lines is not a solution to the problem with unpopular products. If you already have enough visitors, then obviously they are interested in finding a product. Constantly expanding the range, you just get even more trash that you will never sell.

Fix the real problem and add a good retail training program. If you do not train sellers in the ability to listen and build relationships with customers, then the average check and conversion level will inevitably decrease, despite the fact that you have done all the necessary work to attract customers to the store.
To boost sales, retailers often employ supposedly “time-tested” marketing gimmicks. Alas, most of them no longer ...
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