Personnel reserve
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Personnel reserve

Both Moscow and St. Petersburg are looking for sales consultants and federal players, and local companies, and premium segment networks, and companies operating in the middle price segment. And which is typical - some are looking for sellers for their new projects. At the same time, the initial level of salaries fluctuates slightly. Almost all companies call the main requirement for the seller sociability. Many add a pleasant appearance, a desire to learn, a desire to work, and optimism, energy, determination, hard work. No specific knowledge and skills. Why is the input filter still so wide? Do candidates' salary requirements change? Are the requirements for the candidates themselves changing?

SR69_Upravlenie-prodazhami_sales_2.jpgEmployers, as a rule, offer from 11 to 30 thousand rubles. per month. As a rule, this is a fixed part, which is supplemented by a percentage of sales. They depend not only on a person’s zeal, but also on the season - during a period of high demand, seller’s income can double, in low season - by 10-15%.

Companies are not interested in higher education of candidates; they are ready to limit themselves to secondary or specialized secondary. The selection criteria are usually human qualities that are formed in school. Natalya Abashkina from the Antelope company explained such a wide input filter by the fact that without prior training in sales techniques, studying the collection and the general principles of the company’s work, the newly-minted specialist is not allowed to enter the sales area, so the desire to work is really enough at the first stage. The standard training period lasts on networks from one to two weeks. If it lasts longer, then the applicant usually receives an 50% salary for this time. By the way, in the Antelope they say that at the beginning of the year the candidates practically did not discuss working conditions, agreeing to any offers of the company, now the people have become calmer. Most companies said that the crisis did not affect the candidates, their requirements for salaries and working conditions remained the same.

Sometimes the employer welcomes the experience in sales and the ability to handle a cash register (only Geox formulated the requirements for cash register knowledge very clearly: “terminal, computer cash desk, day-to-day returns, knowledge of cash reporting for various transactions”). Occasionally, knowledge of 1С and TradeX programs is required. If a person previously worked in another shoe network, companies are ready to take advantage of his experience.

Often, an employer is interested in registering no more than 3 hours from a place of potential work. Of the most sophisticated requirements, the size of clothes is put forward - if there is such a restriction, then the threshold is set at 48.

The St. Petersburg chain Mania Grandiosa, which operates boutiques of Baldinini, Fabi, Pakerson and is now opening new boutiques of Italian shoes, is the only one that requires candidates to have a good knowledge of the shoe market, free orientation in fashion trends and luxury sales experience. But just like with respect to clients, there is an individual approach to candidates: if a person is not very well oriented in brands, but he has the potential, a great desire to work, then he will still be hired and will help to reveal this potential.

In the Moscow SALITA network, they are ready within two weeks to inspire new employees with the philosophy of their brands, immerse themselves in history and tell about the present, but they don’t basically work with young people here, the minimum age requirement is 25 years. According to Valentina Shangaraeva, a specialist in recruiting sellers, in order to sell luxury shoes, you need to have not only the energy of youth, but also life experience, a sense of style, and this only appears with age.

Often, there are maximum age restrictions in a vacancy announcement, but de facto they do not play a special role if a person really understands exactly the niche he wants to go to. If an 40-year-old woman has decent work experience and the necessary skills, then she will be preferred more often than a young student who has come to earn money.

In general, we can say that so far only the top management of the networks is concerned about the crisis, sales staff are confident that there will be enough vacant places for them. On the other hand, the networks themselves have not yet gone beyond the standard and fairly formal ways of attracting the attention of candidates. From the existing bank of vacancies (if you use only these data), it is very difficult to distinguish something that distinguishes one company from another.



Both Moscow and St. Petersburg are looking for sales consultants and federal players, and local companies, and premium segment networks, and companies operating in the middle price segment. And what is characteristic - ...
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