12 ways to raise a check
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12 ways to raise a check

Who is to blame and what to do? Today it is these questions that retailers are looking for answers to. Sales are falling for all market players without exception, but some will survive the crisis, while others will be forced to retire. How to avoid becoming an outsider - Shoes Report experts know.

1. Motivate employees. You can’t increase the average bill if your employees are not interested in personal profit from each sale. In the retail business, it is generally accepted that collective motivation works better than individual motivation. But in reality, a certain mix works when 20% falls on collective motivation, and 80% falls on individual motivation. That is, each employee should be interested in both the personal result and the total sales volume of a shift or retail point. Ekaterina Ukolova gives an example: “In one company, managers received a general bonus, and they shared it equally at the end of the month. As a result, the best manager who sold best of all was very demotivated, because he sold the most, but received exactly as much as the rest. ” That is why it is very important to maintain balance. The best motivator is, of course, the ruble. But it is worth noting that a simple system of paying interest on sales is not the most optimal solution. According to market experts, it is important to consider contests for sellers. For example, use the cash-online method, cash payments for fulfilling certain conditions of the competition. For example: “If you sell 5 pairs of shoes today, you will get so much money in cash at the end of the day,” or “If you make such a result for two days in a row, you will receive a cash bonus of 2000 rubles each.”

It is important that the conditions of the competitions are constantly changing: sellers must be in good shape. Hold a contest for the largest check, then for the number of units in the check, and then for the conversion. Thus, gradually for each indicator, the result will grow.

2. Teach staff to sell. In retail, insufficient attention is paid to training sellers. According to market experts, if you have more than two stores, it makes sense to think about staff training and develop training and development methods for sellers through supervising and shift supervisors. “As soon as you set up a system in which the head will deal with the staff every day, and you will control it through checklists, you will be able to more clearly build sales in the store. With this approach, you can count on a 30-50% increase in sales in a month, ”says Ekaterina Ukolova.

It is important to provide the seller with all the necessary tools for effective work: a check strategy requires higher sales skills. There are three options for staff development: field support, mentoring and coaching. Mentoring is used for new employees: in this case, a more experienced manager needs to demonstrate a successful sale option and allow the ward to repeat this on his own. The second option is field support: the supervisor monitors the seller’s work, corrects it and arranges a “debriefing”. The third option is coaching. You “train” sellers through questions: “What could be done differently?”, “How could a check be raised?”, Etc.

3. Spend the action "Product to zero", or to conditional zero. You lure the buyer with a real attractive offer for which the margin is minimal or absent. Surely you have often seen the ad "10 roses for 149 rubles." That is, one flower costs only 14,90. Of course, the quality of such a bouquet will be very average - small buds, short legs ... But it is important that the client does not pass by such an action. And when the buyer is already in your store, offer him a similar product, but a little better quality and at a higher price. If the service in your store is impeccable, and the staff is highly qualified, then the visitor will most likely not leave without a purchase. Similar "schemes" work in any retail. “For Victoria's Secret accessory stores, we compiled a list of products that are easy to replace or connect with each other. And they forced sellers to pass testing on knowledge of products and on their compatibility in one purchase, - comments Ekaterina Ukolova. “It helped to increase the average bill in a short time.” Another similar method of stimulating sales growth is Magnet Top. Let's say a pair of shoes in your store costs an average of 4500-4700 rubles. You are announcing the promotion “When buying on 3000 rubles - massage as a gift!”. The difference is small, and the gift is significant. Customers easily accept these rules of the game.

4. Replace a popular product with a product with a higher margin. If you have a product in constant demand, you can replace it with an identical one, but with a higher margin. The price of the goods remains unchanged: you earn not on the check, but on margin.

5. Make the store sell for you. Place goods at a bargain price or sold at a promotion in the area of ​​the store that the buyer sees when leaving your retail outlet. In this case, the store itself sells, without the participation of staff. If the seller did not have the skills to sell, this is the last chance to hook the buyer - put something incredibly attractive in this zone!

6. Build Loyalty Programs. Perhaps we will repeat ourselves, but today loyalty programs should work without interruptions and overlaps. Everything must be automated and improved. They will help you sell not the most profitable product. Offer to receive it as a gift for your points. For example, inexpensive faux suede ankle boots are not in demand this season. Play them among the loyal customers: having gained a certain amount of points for completed purchases, they will be able to get them for free. Ekaterina Ukolova claims that such simple tricks not only increase turnover by 20-30%, but also tie the customer to the store for a long time.

7. Promise to donate part of the amount. A similar sales scheme helped the founder of the TOMS shoe company to earn millions. The young entrepreneur built the company and all marketing on what he announced to the world: “For every pair of shoes I’ve bought, I send one more to needy children in Argentina.”

All the leading publications of the world wrote about him, dozens of public appearances and numerous interviews attracted millions of customers to his store.

8. Offer a more expensive product. Also a fairly simple technique. If your buyer agreed to buy something, then most likely you can sell him something from the same series, but a little more expensive. Surely you've been to fast food outlets where the seller, when ordering a cup of coffee, will always ask: “Big coffee?” Gape for a split second or nod automatically, as most buyers do in this case, and now you have a large glass of coffee or a serving on your tray potatoes in size XL. In such a no-brainer way, the seller will raise the amount of one specific sale (yours!) By 30-50%.

Here it is important to teach sellers similar tricks and explain the scheme of work (questions, answers, correct reactions to the buyer's refusal). It is important to get at least three no before giving up.

9. Place tips on price tags. Do not be afraid to experiment. Write a memo and place it next to the product: “Do not forget to buy unique insoles with these winter boots that keep heat at 10 times more efficient”, “Thin nylon tights of the leading Italian manufacturer are ideal for these classic boats. They visually build a silhouette ”... Sound out the details of any action, for example,“ Come back to us next time and get ... ”.

10. Remember impulsive shopping. Place goods that sell themselves in the cash register: everything that is in high demand. Even in a shoe store, you can place at the cash register not only a stand with related products, but also, say, with small toys for children.

11. Attract interesting customers to the store. Develop various affiliate programs with those who are nearby (beauty salon, makeup studio, etc.).

12. Hold events for loyal customers. Once a month, hold an “for your own” event, at which present your regular customers a collection and provide a unique “only for them and only today” discount for certain groups of products. It is better to arrange such days of maximum sales at the beginning of the month, since in our country, in most companies, salaries are paid from 1 to 10.

In marketing, there is such a thing as the PDCA management cycle: Plan - Do - Check - Act (Planning - Implementation - Control - Adjustment). Often, managers plan, but do not fulfill their plan, implement ideas, but do not check the results, monitor, but do not draw the appropriate conclusions and do not adjust the sales process based on them. It is very important to understand that in the process of selling goods, all stages of the management cycle are important. And this is everyday work. If your goal is to increase the conversion of the store or increase the check, you should try different tools until the moment you reach what you want. “I often hear from entrepreneurs:“ I want to make a million dollars a year, ”and when it doesn’t work out, they say to themselves:“ That's it, I won’t set goals for myself, because they don’t come true anyway. ” And it does not come true only because the process is not debugged, ”summarizes Ekaterina Ukolova.

Who is to blame and what to do? Today it is these questions that retailers are looking for answers to. Sales are falling for all market players, without exception, but some will survive the crisis, while others will be forced to quit ...
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