How the Respect retail chain adapted its processes and IT systems for shoe marking
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How the Respect retail chain adapted its processes and IT systems for shoe marking

In connection with the introduction of mandatory labeling of shoes in Russia, in front of a network of shoe stores Respect the task was to adapt their processes and IT systems to the requirements of the state regulator. For these purposes, the retailer has attracted a developer company. Scan City, the forces of which developed a hardware-software complex integrated with 1С and working both with equipment on Windows OS and Android devices.

The new software and hardware complex for automation of retail stores, developed by Scan City, performs tasks such as reading, printing labels in stores, marking goods in stock, collecting and processing data. It consists of barcode scanners, data collection terminals, label printers and software, which, among other things, solves another problem - replacing the existing concept of data exchange between the goods accounting system and data collection terminals.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with all stages of the development and implementation of the project according to the tasks that are carried out by retail in the process of marking shoes.


Accurate and quick barcode reading is an important element in the efficient operation of a cash register. If the scanner functions slowly or incorrectly, queues may be formed at the checkout, which causes customer dissatisfaction. To equip cash registers in the Respect chain of stores, a scanner model was chosen Honeywell Voyager 1450G... This device provides multi-plane reading of almost any linear and most common 130D barcodes, including low quality codes and codes displayed on the screens of mobile devices (scanning coupons, e-tickets, digital wallet data). The scanner weighs only 30 grams, which makes it comfortable to use throughout the working day, and withstands up to 1,5 drops from a height of XNUMX m onto a concrete floor.

Honeywell Voyager 1450G Honeywell Voyager 1450G

Label printing in stores

The efficiency of further reading and identification of goods depends on the quality of printing labels and barcodes. Indicators such as clarity, high contrast, and speed for printing labels and receipts are especially important. Scan City specialists found the TSC printer models the most suitable for the customer’s tasks.

For printing labels and receipts, outlets were equipped with desktop thermal transfer printers TSC TC200 и TSC TE200. These devices provide the highest technical and operational characteristics that the TSC brand has established itself.

Reliable and high-speed printers TSC TC200 Designed to print labels, tags or cashier's checks up to 108 mm wide at a speed of 152 mm (6 inches) per second. The devices are ideally suited for labeling goods in the retail industry, labels for compliance, applicable for inventory and inventory management.


TSC TE200 - the most affordable solution among thermal transfer printers. It prints on media up to 4 inches wide. The modular mechanism for thermal transfer printing, which is equipped with printers of the TE200 series, is reliably protected from the outside by a housing made of high-strength plastic, specially designed for use in difficult conditions. These printers are rugged at their low cost and are capable of printing thousands of high quality labels every day, containing clear, high-contrast barcodes and identifiers.

Labeling of goods in stock

For large volumes of barcode printing in warehouses, productive printers were chosen TSC TTP-2410MT... These devices are equipped with a high-tech print head, fast processor and large memory capacity. TTP-2410MT print speeds up to 14 inches per second. The printer has an increased memory capacity: 128 MB of flash memory and 128 MB of SDRAM, the popular languages ​​Eltron and Zebra are supported.


The TTP-2410MT features a rugged all-metal housing for tough environments. The printer can print on a wide variety of labels and has a thermal head life of 25 km or more, making it ideal for printing on an industrial scale.

Data collection and processing

For the implementation of the project, budget data collection terminals were selected. To work on the Windows operating system, the PM200 model from Point Mobile was proposed, and the Android-based Honeywell ScanPal EDA60K. These terminals satisfy the main requirement of the customer: reliability and compactness.


Point Mobile PM200 - a small-sized and reliable data collection terminal, which is suitable for the acceptance, inventory, shipment, movement and re-marking of goods. The device features accurate and fast barcode scanning. It is worth noting the angle of the reader (up to 65 degrees), which significantly reduces the load on the wrist during scanning and makes the operator's work more comfortable. The PM200 is ergonomically designed and has a rugged case. The terminal withstands multiple drops to a concrete surface from a height of 1,5 meters and complies with 64 IP protection class.

Honeywell EDA60K - This is a universal device based on the Android operating system, featuring a wide range of functions, high speed, large memory capacity, and excellent network connectivity due to support for the dual-band Wi-Fi standard 802.11a / b / g / n / ac. Ease of use The EDA60K provides an 4-inch touch screen in combination with a multi-function keyboard that can significantly improve user productivity.

Honeywell EDA60K Honeywell EDA60K

Integration with 1С

The developers of Scan City faced a rather difficult task, since the customer has several 1C configurations installed, and both Win-terminals and devices running on Android are present in the equipment park. In order for all the elements to work seamlessly and accurately, reliable software is needed, so the experts took CITYSOFT Standart as the basis. The software was finalized to the individual requirements of the client: to create an emulator for connecting devices to 1С with packet data transfer from devices to the goods accounting system via Wi-Fi. In this case, the system should perceive the devices as connected via a cable.

Full compliance with requirements As a result of the project, the stores of the Respect retail chain received lightweight, functional budget data collection terminals, productive scanners, reliable, durable desktop and industrial label and receipt printers. Customized to meet the needs of customers CITYSOFT Standart software ensures uninterrupted operation
hardware-software complex for working in the new conditions of mandatory marking of KIZ shoes.

In connection with the introduction of mandatory labeling of shoes in Russia, the Respect shoe store chain was faced with the task of adapting its processes and IT systems to the requirements of the state regulator. ...
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