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When a company opens a store after a store, sooner or later (to the fifth store, for sure) its owner will have to face the vital problem of staff motivation. When you have one store, all the sellers are in sight, and you clearly know who works and who needs help. But with the growth of the business, it becomes more difficult to maintain a fire of enthusiasm, and then the torch is transferred to the personnel manager, whom sellers often meet with hostility. How to avoid conflict and build the right relationship? Mercer Human Resource Consulting Guidelines

The reason?

Most salespeople are confident that they are able to cope with any tasks on their own, as well as that HR managers do not understand anything about sales, and therefore it is often difficult for them to assess the professionalism of a salesperson even at the recruitment stage. And the maximum that they can do useful for the company is to monitor the implementation of the motivation program, if, of course, there is one.

Where is the way out?

First of all, HR managers need to learn how to think like salespeople. Personnel managers interviewed by the Mercer Human Resource Consulting consultants admit that productive cooperation with the sales departments is hindered by the fact that they do not always understand the specifics of the work of colleagues (12% of respondents indicated this). However, most often HR managers simply do not consider such cooperation important and are waiting for initiatives from sellers (36%). Sales managers evaluate the usefulness of colleagues from the HR department even lower: 38% of those surveyed are convinced that they do not understand sales. As a result, many problems that HR managers could help solve, sales departments are forced to do their own work (41%).

Nevertheless, 45% of respondents from among sales managers recognize HR managers not only as assistants, but as strategic partners. After examining the practices of these companies, Mercer experts came to the conclusion that HR managers managed to gain trust due to three conditions: they regularly discuss with sales managers the problems that they encounter in their work; develop tools and procedures specifically for sales departments; Develop competencies related to understanding the business as a whole.

But, let's add, the most important thing is to praise sellers more often.

How to win the heart of the seller?

1. Identify key problems within the sales department (staff turnover, lack of talented sellers, outdated sales skills, confusing structure).

2. To offer the sales department assistance in solving one of the problems, achieve an obvious and measurable result (decrease in turnover by 10%, selection of 10 highly professional sellers).

3. Show the sales staff their value, emphasize the importance of the contribution to the solution of the problem by the personnel department.

4. If the demonstration of the capabilities of the HR department was convincing, the sales department will not resist - HR managers will receive more responsibility and resources.

How to find a good seller?

1. If you have a choice, it is better to hire a self-motivated person as a salesperson - someone who loves to sell. And the correct words can be taught later.

2. It should be cautious to propose active sales to those employees who went to the company for another position (sometimes there is a situation when people who are arranged to work as economists, lawyers, or accountants are involved in sales).

3. Even if unmotivated salespeople have been trained by a mentor or in training, do not hope that they will start working off the time or money spent on them. They do not need it and are not interested. But so that the effort invested in training is not wasted, these employees must be carefully monitored and required from them to follow the "sales rules". Self-motivated salespeople only need a little help when needed.

Identify key issues within the sales department (staff turnover, lack of talented salespeople, obsolete sales skills, confusing structure)

To offer the sales department assistance in solving one of the problems, to achieve an obvious and measurable result (decrease in turnover by 10%, selection of 10 highly professional sellers)

When a company opens store after store, sooner or later (by the fifth store, for sure) its owner will have to face the vital problem of staff motivation. ...
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