Cut can not have mercy
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Cut can not have mercy

The very first and, no doubt, logical anti-crisis solution for most retailers was to reduce the number of unprofitable stores. This measure naturally entails the dismissal of staff, in particular sales consultants. Do retailers plan to carry out massive reductions in existing stores in order to reduce costs overall? Probably very soon it will be necessary to serve only half of the buyers - a number of experts expect a decrease in consumer demand in the 2015 year to almost 40%.

According to Natalia Chernysheva, advertising and PR manager of TMHF Group, high-quality personnel remains the most important link between the end consumer and the product and is now more important than ever due to the growth of rates and, as a result, the rise in retail prices. “Our task in this situation is to improve the professional skills of our sellers, who in a highly competitive environment should be able not only to keep our customers, but to become for him a kind of personal stylist who can and would like to be trusted. We leave a vacancy for applicants open both for sales consultants and for salon managers, - said Natalya. - As for the internal motivation of the working staff, first of all, these are enhanced trainings not only on the product and sales technique, but also on personal ones, to increase the internal growth of each member of the retail network team. Also, we make any trade activities in the network not only externally more pleasant for making a purchase, but also “charged” from the inside with additional gifts for the planned growth rates and involvement in the sales process ”.

The very first and, no doubt, the logical anti-crisis solution for most retailers was to reduce the number of unprofitable ...
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