5 Russian designers and "Moscow Longevity" have created the collection "Seniors for Seniors"
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5 Russian designers and "Moscow Longevity" have created the collection "Seniors for Seniors"

On December 9, Moscow hosted a show of fashion collections created by 50 participants of the Moscow Longevity program under the mentorship of famous Russian designers - Igor Gulyaev, Ksenia Seroy, Leonid Alekseev, Galina Kryuchkova and Sergei Sysoev.

The selection of participants who sent sketches was carried out by the designers themselves. They formed teams that personally taught the design and creation of clothes for two months. The result of the work of the creative laboratory of each designer was a collection of 10 images, invented and developed by representatives of the older generation for their peers.

Dmitry Trushkov, director of ANO Social Workshop, curator of the project:

“I began to cooperate with Moscow Longevity 3 years ago, participating in the Stylish Age project, through which thousands of Moscow Longevity participants went through, gaining knowledge of how to be beautiful. The pandemic made its own adjustments to the action plan, but did not destroy the desire of the "silver age" Muscovites to be stylish. Therefore, on the initiative of "Moscow Longevity" this year the Designers' Workshop was launched. The non-profit organization "Social Workshop" has become a partner in the implementation of this project. Together with the best Russian designers, the participants of “Moscow Longevity” make fashion themselves.

In three months of training, sketching and searching for fashion ideas under the guidance of designer mentors, the Moscow Longevity Design Workshop has created fashion collections that change the attitude towards fashion and style among Muscovites of an elegant age.

· The show was opened by the workshop of Leonid Alekseev, who created the collection "History of the Future". The source of inspiration for the fashion designers of the "silver" age was the 20th century. Each participant chose their favorite fashion periods of the last century and introduced its elements into modern looks.

“What we saw on the catwalk today is a century-old fashion history adapted to modern times. While working on the collection, we studied the entire period of the history of fashion in the 20th century. Each participant chose a 10th anniversary close to him and told it in his own way, adding modern accents, ”says Leonid Alekseev.

· Igor Gulyaev and his team presented a line of clothes “Walk, Moscow” under the slogan “Fashion beyond age”. The collection is distinguished by such elements as original processing, modern cut, a variety of materials - raincoat fabric, silk, banner fabric, cotton, polyethylene. The main color of the collection is khaki.

“Fashion has no nationality or age. Our team has gathered people who are young at heart. We have created a modern line of clothing that reflects the street style of our time, ”says Igor Gulyaev.

· The creative works "Ultramarine Horizons" by Galina Kryuchkova's collective are based on the concept of romantic images with feminine and laconic lines. Seven out of ten members of the team gave their preference to dresses. The entire collection is made in shades of blue. In addition, 24 accessories were chosen and made independently for the show - brooches, beads, earrings, bracelets and hairpins. For the design, sewing and cutting of the items of the collection, 20 students of the direction "Design, modeling and technology of garments" of the capital's Technological College No. 24 were involved.

· The team of designer Ksenia Seroy presented a collection of knitted coats called "It's all about me." All things were knitted by hand by the workshop participants.

“Now there is a trend towards a revival of handicrafts and handicrafts. All of my wards have unique knitting skills and were able to put personal emotions and experience into each product. They have done a tremendous job. In just two months, we created a collection of clothes with our own hands, which should inspire other people to create, ”says Ksenia Seraya.

Participants presented various types of knitted coats, cardigans and ponchos, made in pastel shades of pink, beige and brown. Also, some of the models were made using upcycling technology.

· The fashion show was closed by the show of the collection "Attraction of Red" from the team of Sergei Sysoev. All images are built on a variety of shades of red and contrasting combinations of textures. As noted by the "silver" designers, for each of them red symbolizes something different: love, passion, power, wealth, beauty, Moscow and much more.

“I dedicated my model to doctors - doctors, nurses, everyone who worked in the red zones, ordinary clinics and hospitals. They were the ones who healed and helped us stay healthy, despite all the fears that the pandemic has caused. The red color of the dress is a challenge to the disease. For me, this color characterizes love and rebirth for a new and happy life, ”said Olga Arkatova, a project participant.

“I am convinced that fashion is not clothes, but a loud artistic expression. If you look at my team, you will see how special and individual they are. And when we thought about how to unite such extraordinary and creative personalities, we decided that it would be a bright red color. In every thing there is an expression of the feelings and emotions of these people, a life story and their artistic expression, ”says Sergei Sysoev.

Models "50+", pupils of the "Royal Posture" school, demonstrated their collections created in creative laboratories.

Alla Semenysheva, Deputy Director of the Resource Center for the Development of Social Communications of the Directorate of the Moscow Longevity Project:

“This is a unique creative project where older Muscovites were able to try themselves in the role of designers and gain invaluable experience from famous fashion designers. In fact, Moscow Longevity can open its own full-fledged fashion house - we have artists, models, cutters and seamstresses, and 85% of the project participants are women who at any age want to look stylish, fashionable and share inspiration with each other. We thank the mentors of the “Design Workshop” who responded and shared ideas with our members. We hope that today's show will inspire other people to start sewing, sketching, going to the catwalk and always being bright and elegant. "

About the project:

All older Muscovites could apply and draw a sketch. Out of 200 applications, the designers selected 10 people for their team, who presented the most interesting works.

Among the selected silver age fashion designers are 49 women and one man. The age range of participants in creative labs is 55 to 84 years old. According to them, they have always been interested in fashion and remember those times when sewing was the only way to look stylish and modern.

On December 9, Moscow hosted a show of fashion collections created by 50 participants of the Moscow Longevity program under the mentorship of famous Russian designers - Igor Gulyaev, Ksenia Seroy, Leonid ...
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