Tenants of Kaluga “San Marta” are evicted from the shopping center
07.08.2011 3123

Tenants of Kaluga “San Marta” are evicted from the shopping center

The new owner of the Kaluga shopping center "San Mart" sent 17 tenants who have been working in the shopping center for less than six months, an order to close the stores. The list of those who were ordered to stop working on August 1 - 17 well-known and successful brands: Profi Sport, Your, INCITY, Camelot, Intimissimi, Calzedonia, Gregory, Saints, Bukva, Viking, Lady Collection, Jeans Factory, Step by step, Mir Bags, Korall, Almaz Holding, which on behalf of the RTDA Retail Development Association signed seven-year lease agreements with the former owner of the complex.

According to PDTA, "the depressive history of the half-empty Kaluga shopping center lasted more than three years, until the signing of a cooperation agreement between the former owner of the shopping center, London & Regional Properties (LRP), with the Association." Having finalized the concept of "San Marta", RTDA, on a partnership basis, invited 17 well-known and successful brands of clothing, footwear and accessories to the shopping center, signing a 2010-year lease agreement with each of them in December 7 for a total area of ​​2500 thousand square meters. and jointly investing in repairs, equipment and collections about 100 million rubles. Long-term lease agreements have been submitted for state registration.

In March-April of 2011, the owner of the shopping center changed, Sun-Mart became part of the Trading Quarter group of companies. The first step of the new owner was to suspend the registration of long-term contracts concluded by the previous owner in December 2010, and offer tenants new lease rates that exceed the previous 7-10 times.

In June 2011, RTDA, acting as a representative of the collective interests of tenants, won a lawsuit against Torgovy Kvartal and defended the rights of San Marta tenants to state registration of long-term contracts. The court recognized the actions of the new owner of the shopping center as illegal and ordered Torgovy Kvartal not to impede state registration of already concluded long-term agreements.

The search for compromise solutions to the dispute has not yet yielded results. Tenants were ordered to close their stores. Thus, unilaterally, the new owner of Sun Marta violates the terms of long-term lease agreements concluded with tenants for a period of 7 years in December 2010 of the previous owner of the shopping center, according to RTDA.

RTDA sent statements about possible provocations and illegal actions on the part of Torgovy Kvartal to the Prosecutor's Office of the Kaluga Region, the Department for Combating Economic Crimes of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Kaluga Region, the Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in the Kaluga Region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, deputies of the regional branch of United Russia , to the regional branch of the "Popular Front", as well as the governor of the Kaluga region.

The new owner of the Kaluga shopping center "San Mart" sent 17 tenants working in the shopping center for less than six months, an order to close ...

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