Bright is back to the active development of Francesco Donni
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Bright is back to the active development of Francesco Donni

The company Bright, a manufacturer of shoes and clothing under the brand name Francesco Donni, has returned to the active development of its own retail. In January-June of 2011, four outlets were launched, and by the end of the year it is planned to open as many more. This year, our own network will grow to 12-13 facilities. In 2012, the company plans to open another 10-15 company stores.

The company Bright develops a network of shoe stores under the Francesco Donni brand under the franchising system since 2002, in 2009 it was decided to develop its own network in the Moscow region. “We have a huge partner network in Russia and the CIS. But in Moscow, almost no one knows the Francesco Donni brand, and we decided to fix it, ”Yana Pankova explained.

However, during 2009-2010, only seven facilities were launched, two of which were closed in 2011 due to unprofitability.

To date, nine Francesco Donni retail outlets operate in Moscow (eight of them are in street retail format and one is a pavilion in a shopping center). The average area of ​​the store is 150-300 sq.m.

Products under the brand name Francesco Donni are also represented in more than 2000 partner stores in Russia and the CIS. However, Bright does not comment on plans to open franchised stores.

The opening of their own stores will help the retailer increase brand awareness, however, to guarantee a noticeable increase in loyalty, a comprehensive communication policy will be required, aimed clearly at the target audience, said Daria Yadernaya, a leading analyst at Esper Group. At the same time, it is not necessary to lay a large advertising budget, the main thing is the original content that emphasizes the individuality of the brand and its attributes, she added.

According to Daria Nuclear, in the long run, the retailer is unlikely to significantly increase the number of its own stores. “To make all points your own is pointless: it is expensive and will not lead to such a sharp increase in sales to recoup these costs even in the medium term. Partnerships and franchising provide sales at minimal cost, although they lack direct contact and the transfer of positioning, ”the analyst explained.

According to Daria Nuclear, the best option is to open our own stores in key cities - for example, Moscow - while maintaining and strengthening partnerships with current franchisees and, possibly, diversifying their portfolio by attracting new ones in other cities (if the contract with the current partner does not exclusive).

The first shoe stores under the Francesco Donni brand were opened at the end of 2002 under a franchising system. Currently, the partner network includes over 2000 partner points in Russia and the CIS. Since 2009, the company has been developing its own retail in the Moscow region. Currently, Moscow has nine of its own stores. About it writes retailer.ru.

The company Bright, a manufacturer of shoes and clothing under the brand name Francesco Donni, has returned to the active development of its own retail.

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