Brazilian shoe makers in Russia
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Brazilian shoe makers in Russia

Today is the last day of the showroom of Brazilian shoe manufacturers in Moscow. The showroom under the auspices of the BRAZILIAN FOOTWEAR program runs from 6 to 8 on June at the Radisson Royal Ukraine Hotel, and, according to the organizers of the event, there will not be a chance to attend such an event in Moscow in the next two years, since the organizers of the show room are Brazil shoe industry associations (Abicalcados)

and the Brazilian Overseas Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) plan to take a break from their presentation of Brazilian shoe companies in Russia. For many years, many of the participants in the showroom have been presenting their activities in Russia and are in touch with a large number of Russian clients.

It is interesting that despite the fact that Brazil is the world's largest producer of genuine leather, Brazilians themselves mostly choose shoes made of artificial materials, eco-leather. For example, Calcados Beira Rio S / A, the largest Brazilian footwear manufacturer, with the brands Vizzano, Beira Rio, Moleka and Modare has been producing shoes exclusively from artificial materials for more than 30 years, and it has been offering these products to Russian distributors today. Other companies, such as Calcados Q-Sonho LTDA (brand Stephanie Classic), invites partners in Russia to choose the shoe model and the material in which it can be produced. The difference in price between a pair made of artificial material and genuine leather is $ 1. You can also optionally order shoes that will be leather inside, but made of artificial material outside, or vice versa.

As the representative of Calcados Q-Sonho LTDA company in different countries of the world notes, different traditions and preferences. In Russia, in his opinion, consumers are indeed more committed to genuine leather footwear than, for example, in China or Brazil itself, where the climate is hotter and other needs are different, Brazilians often prefer to save money and are content with footwear made of artificial materials.

Of course, the showroom also has leather shoes on display, for example, nice summer sandals made of soft genuine leather, with New Face leather soles, which have been successfully sold in stores in different regions of Russia for several years now.

A large number of other brands of women's and men's shoes are presented, and there is also a children's assortment. According to the participants of the showroom, the changes that occurred in the foreign exchange market were in the hands of Brazilian manufacturers, and today the products of shoe makers from Brazil in some cases successfully compete in price with shoes made by their colleagues from the Middle Kingdom.

The following Brazilian companies take part in the Moscow showroom:

Women's shoes:

Grendene SA with the largest brands Ipanema, Grendha and Zaxy; company

Calcados Beira Rio S / A with the brands Vizzano, Beira Rio, Moleka and Modare (a wide range of models from premium to comfort, depending on the brand); Paqueta Calcados Ltda with Capodarte and Dumond Calcados Itapua S / A with Itapua women; Bischoff Creative Group with renowned design label Jorge 2 Bischoff; Werner Calcados Ltda with the Werner brand; Industria e Comercio de Calcados Irmaos Soares Ltda; Lia Line, Sua Cia and OFF Line; Calcados QSonho Ltda with Stephanie Classic.

Men's shoes:

Grendene SA with the famous Rider brand; Acrux Calcados Ltda, brand

Shoetherapy; Calcados Itapua S / A with Itapua men; Calcados Jacob

SA with the Kildare brand; Sollu Calcados Ltda; Soll and Ferracini brands.

Children's shoes:

Calcados Beira Rio S / A with the Molekinha brand; Pampili Produtos para

Meninas Ltda, Pampili brand, Grendene SA company, representing the children's line

world famous brands Ipanema and Zaxy

Today is the last day of the showroom of Brazilian shoe manufacturers in Moscow.
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