Business program of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition
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Business program of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition

Time spending - 27 August 11: 30 to 15: 30, 28 August with 10: 30 to 16: 00
Venue - Conference Hall No. 1 in the transition between the 4 and 4.1 pavilions
Official site of the exhibition - Euro Shoes

27 August

11: 30 - “Life assortment management hacks for multi- and omnichannel retail”
- How do omnichannel strategies change the assortment management of a fashion company?
- How to maintain a single style DNA in all sales channels?
- How to identify a commercial trend in the flow of information for successful sales of a collection?
Speaker: Galina Kravchenko, Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group.

13: 00 - “Omni-Channel Retail: How to Increase Sales at a Retail Store?”
- single, multi, cross and omnichannel - what is it, and why do retail stores need these sales strategies?
- omnichannel - guaranteed sales growth and a step towards customers;
- omnichannel strategies for a retail shoe store;
- an algorithm for transferring a business to omnichannel mode;
- How to apply the principles of omnichannel sales in practice?
Speaker: Natalya Chinenova, retail business technology chief expert at Fashion Consulting Group.

14: 30 - “Breakthrough technologies in reducing balances in retail stores”
- How to identify “problematic” shoe models in the first month of sales and guaranteed to reduce stock at the end of the season by 30-40%?
- How to make discounts more reasonable and reasonable?
- electronic technologies that allow you to collect analytics about the behavior of the buyer in the store and draw a conclusion about how much the product is interesting to the consumer.
Speaker: Vladimir Marakov, one of the co-founders of Aftetix startup, author of 17 patents and inventions, professional specialization - “Internet of things”.

28 August

10: 30 - “Shoe marking-2020: practice and software solutions”
- The current situation for marking shoes in Russia;
- practical tools for working with marking;
- software solutions: programs for recording the movement of goods and data exchange with the MDCT and GS1, mobile applications;
- labeling in practice - experience of industry representatives.
Speakers: Andrey Mikhailov, Scan Drive; Olga Markina, Alfazens company; Alexander Khakhanyan, company "Analpa".

12: 00 - “New ways to attract customers to stores”
- Features of consumption in modern retail;
- A modern store for a new consumer;
- 5 customer acquisition technique at the point of sale, without which you can no longer do in 2019-2020.
Speaker: Marina Polkovnikova, founder and CEO of VMC-Retail agency, consultant on visual merchandising, window dressing and store design.

13: 00 - “The formula for perfect sales in a shoe and accessories store”
- types of sellers: who sells better?
- which is more important - sales psychology or the right service?
- A basic set of knowledge and skills of the seller;
- methods of stimulating sales staff.
Speaker: Maria Gerasimenko, CEO and founder of Fashion Advisers, an expert practitioner in the field of management and development of fashion business, a business coach.

14: 00 - “The Six Laws of Running the Shoe Business, the ignorance of which leads to the bankruptcy of companies”
- personnel management methods, staff motivation;
- who to look for: managers or leaders?
- proper sales planning;
- matrix of the phase of the shoe sales season.
Speaker: Evgeny Danchev, WConsulting Director, Business Trainer, Retail Consultant.

15: 00 - “Visual merchandising and design of shoe stores and accessories. How to like and sell products to new generations of buyers? ”
- on stage - a new buyer;
- New consumer trends and effective VM technology;
- how to create a magnet store, the atmosphere is our EVERYTHING!
- how to attract a buyer to the store: VM tricks;
- how to sell goods without sellers?
- store design VS DNA brand.
Speaker: Anna Balandina, founder of VM Guru agency, expert practitioner in commercial visual merchandising and store design, author of training VM programs, business trainer.

The time of the event is August 27 from 11:30 to 15:30, on August 28 from 10:30 to 16:00. The venue is conference hall No. 1 in the passage between pavilions 4 and ...
Euro Shoes Exhibition

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