Geox opens stores in new retail concept - X-Store
17.05.2017 3836

Geox opens stores in new retail concept - X-Store

The first store of the Italian clothing and footwear brand Geox under the X-Store sign has opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Russia, the opening of the X-Store is scheduled for the summer of 2017, a new retail will appear in the capital's Metropolis shopping center.

The design of the X-Store embodies everything Geox is proud of today and what makes it recognizable all over the world: modern technology (X is the symbol of technology), Italian style, progressive design, comfort, breathable properties of all brand products, rational use of resources and production with minimal environmental impact.

The transparency of all processes at Geox factories is symbolized by large glass showcases, behind which there is a bright space. An entry door with circular holes - a nod to Geox's signature perforation in the sole - invites you to enter the store's loft space. The architectural principle of the interior is focused on the dematerialization of space.

The spirit of freedom, modernity and creativity of the collections is conveyed by the materials of the walls - raw concrete and brick, traditional in the design of lofts, in which artists create. All materials used in the interior - ceramics, metal, wood - comply with LEED certification in the field of green building, materials and interior decoration (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and embody the principles of environmental friendliness and concern for the environment and quality of life.

Everything Geox creates is based on two fundamental ingredients - comfort and breathing. The innovative multisensory setups at the X-Store engage all senses and allow you to fully experience the features of the brand's collections.

Digital technology is turning the X-Store into the store of the future. On interactive displays you can find all the information about any model, study its unique features, get acquainted with customer reviews and tips on what clothes it is ideal to combine with.

Wi-Fi and charging points in the fitting rooms allow each customer, if necessary, to contact loved ones and hear their opinion about a particular model.

The X-Store concept demonstrates the value of innovative technology for GeoX. Crossing the threshold of a new store, customers feel the brand’s values ​​and its desire to bring maximum comfort to the life of their customers already at the stage of choosing shoes or clothes in the store.

Geox Group produces shoes for women, men and children in the middle and above the middle price segment, as well as outerwear for women and men. In the production of products, Geox focuses on the use of innovative solutions and technologies that provide waterproof and breathable properties that underlie the company's future strategy.

Geox technology is protected by 35 patents and 10 new patent applications. The brand originated in Italy, is represented all over the world: more than 70% of its income comes from 110 foreign countries. As of March 31, 2017, Geox is represented in 10 multi-brand and 000 monobrand stores around the world.

The first store of the Italian clothing and footwear brand Geox under the X-Store sign has opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Russia, the opening of the X-Store is scheduled for the summer of 2017, a new retail will appear in ...

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