GVA Sawyer predicts retail growth at 25%
25.07.2011 2340

GVA Sawyer predicts retail growth at 25%

GVA Sawyer analysts assessed the potential for expanding retail chains in the clothing-footwear segment in the Russian regions. The number of stores of network operators of the federal level in the specified product group may increase by 20-25% for 2011 year. This is the share of the number of existing outlets that was made by the general plans for the development of retailers, whose representatives were interviewed during the first specialized study on the assessment of demand for retail premises, conducted by GVA Sawyer analysts. To implement the plans, the surveyed operators will need about 100 thousand square meters.

In the course of the study, GVA Sawyer interviewed representatives of 45 retail chains operating at the Moscow and Moscow Region markets, in St. Petersburg and in the regions. The average portrait of the respondent is a medium-sized network with the number of stores from 20 to 50 with a total area of ​​300-500 sq. m, that is, typical tenants of a shopping gallery. GVA Sawyer survey participants were representatives of companies developing one network (brand), as well as managers of multi-brand holdings.

Analysts also used information from open sources and data obtained during the pre-broking of a number of retail facilities. “The pre-broking service of shopping centers is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows the owner to determine the type of future tenants, the required area and predict the real rent,” says Elena Shevchuk, vice president of commercial real estate at GVA Sawyer. “Our company’s brokers usually collect information about requests from sides of trading operators for a specific object / site. "

The study revealed that most of the retail chains that participated in the survey plan to open from 2011 to 10 stores by the end of 20. In total, representatives of 45 networks forecast the opening of approximately 550 stores in the 2011 year, which is about 25% of the total number of outlets in these networks.

The range of rates in Russian cities varies from $ 200 to 1800 per square meter per year, excluding operating expenses and VAT, with an average area of ​​200-300 square meters. “In the projection for the entire market, we see the projected demand for 1 million square meters of retail space,” comments Evelina Pavlovskaya, vice president of consulting at GVA Sawyer. “An analysis of the actual distribution and expansion of retail operators showed that, at best, 30% of stores are“ average »The operator is located on the main shopping streets. At the same time, small, start-up companies and some medium-sized chains rent stores only in shopping centers. Thus, the majority of the indicated demand will come from shopping centers and shopping centers. ”

GVA Sawyer analysts assessed the potential for expanding retail chains in the clothing-footwear segment in the Russian regions.

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