SHOES "TWO BALLS" experiencing a rebirth
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SHOES "TWO BALLS" experiencing a rebirth

Favorite sneakers of Soviet youth - "TWO MYACHA" this summer will appear on the Internet and on store shelves. The launch of the brand's online store is scheduled for July 6, from July 13, sales of sneakers will begin in the Moscow department store Tsvetnoy.

SHOES “TWO BALLS” have not been produced for more than 20 years. This model was popular in the Soviet Union in 1960-1980.

In 2012, young people from the Ping Pong Club Moscow community became infected with the idea of ​​reviving the Soviet brand. They bought the rights to the brand and began raising funds for the project through a crowdfunding platform on the Internet, that is, through voluntary donations. At the same time, the chief ideologist and owner of the brand, Yevgeny Raikov, studied the possibilities of producing retro sneakers in factories in China.

Raikov failed to raise the required amount by crowdfunding, but with the support of the media, the project received wide public response and attracted the interest of a real investor, thanks to which the idea was implemented in 2016. Currently, the brand has 4 models in its lineup, one of which is available in two different colors. 4 more new shoe models are under development. The retail price for the updated “TWO BALLS” sneakers for the low sneaker model is 4200 rubles, for the high sneaker model - 4700 rubles.

The second life of “TWO BALL” is in improved quality. As in the Soviet era, the current manufacturer used the vulcanization method to produce shoes. However, the modern model, unlike the Soviet counterpart, has two insoles, an inner and an insole with a little orthopedic support, which allows you to adjust the fit of the sneaker on the leg and fullness. In the revived “TWO BALLS”, the best canvas available is perfectly combined with strong, wear-resistant rubber, as a result of which the sole has gained great tenacity and flexibility, while maintaining the necessary elasticity and strength. “As in the days of our fathers, such sneakers will serve the owners for many years,” they promise.

Favorite sneakers of Soviet youth - “TWO BALLS” this summer will appear on the Internet and on store shelves.

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