Client - orientation, as it was, is and will be
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Client - orientation, as it was, is and will be

Kkonstantin Harskiy.jpgOn September 30, at MODUS Cafe, a business breakfast will be held on the topic “Customer Orientation as It Was, Is and Will Be” in ZUBRA-2С format. Leading expert in personnel loyalty Konstantin Kharsky and President of the Federation of Go, expert practitioner of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo Igor Grishin will speak on this topic that is exciting for any business aimed at interacting with the audience.
This format is not carried out by anyone anywhere else in Russia, but is understandable and well accepted by London and New York. Why "BISONS"? Because people are gathering at these events, who are rightly called the "Bison of Business." Why "2С"? Because our language is more suitable and more accurately reflects the essence of not the word networking, but 2 words in the letter "C": Co-action and Co-communication.
Events in this format were held in Moscow, Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod. Next in line are St. Petersburg, Kiev and Tver. They were attended by more than 500 participants, more than 30 speakers - masters of their craft, journalists. The organizers of the event ZUBRA-2С and Marketing & Brand Conversation invite business owners, general directors and marketing directors on the topic “customer focus” that exploded in less than a year in the business world. It is her who opens a new business season.
Participants, speakers and organizers will receive invaluable benefits from a delicious breakfast, an interesting topic presented by experts and new useful acquaintances.

Igor Grishin.jpgHelp on the speakers.
Konstantin Viktorovich Kharsky: General Director of Value Management for Business, a leading expert in the field of personnel loyalty, author of books Creates and implements programs to increase the loyalty and involvement of staff in the affairs of the company. The author of the concepts “Value Management” and “Practical Customer Orientation”. Bison
Igor Alekseevich Grishin. Public figure, writer, publisher. President of the Go Federation. Head of the Russian School of Go and Strategy. Founder of the Ready Book Publishing House. Expert practitioner of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. The first in the country to apply the ancient knowledge of Go to business, management, marketing, in the martial and strategic arts. He has been practicing martial and strategic arts for over 20 years. He has been teaching since 1989 of the year. The author of books. Master.

Date: September 30 2010
Time: 9-00 - 12-00
Address: MODUS Cafe, 1-th Workers Lane, possession of 4

Participation in the business breakfast is possible after pre-registration.
Contacts: Dmitry Kuzin (+ 7 495 500 76 58, editorial@zubry.ru).
The organizers of the ZUBRA-2С business breakfast and Marketing & Brand Conversation.
On September 30, at MODUS Cafe, a business breakfast will be held on the topic “Customer Orientation as It Was, Is and Will Be” in ZUBRA-2С format.

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