Swarovski company and online store sw-strazy.ru announce the international competition of copyright works
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Swarovski company and online store sw-strazy.ru announce the international competition of copyright works

Swarovski Company and the online store sw-strazy.ru announce the start of the III International Design Competition “Strength of Signs. The message of the ancestors. " All comers, professionals and amateurs in the field of design, can submit to the competition works created using Swarovski crystals from the spring-summer 2016 collection of the year. The competition will last until the end of October 2015 year.

The works created especially for the competition and previously never presented before are accepted for participation. In each category, no more than two works of one author can be exhibited.

The competition is held in three categories: “Jewelry Design”, “Accessory Design” and “Clothing Design”. In the “Jewelry Design” nomination, works can be presented in three areas: earrings, necklaces and sets. The competitive product can be made using any technique, but the author must use Swarovski crystals from the new collection in it. Moreover, the area occupied by crystals in the finished product (except for clothing design) should be at least 50% of its total area.

In all products without exception, the elements of your choice must be used: Buddha Fancy Stone & Buddha Pendant, FATIMA HAND Jewelery Stone, Greek Cross Fancy Stone, Greek Cross Pendant, Emerald Cut Bead, Love Bead, Twisted Drop Pendant, Pure Drop Pendant. All of them should be at least 20%.

Members of the jury, which includes representatives of Swarovski company, Vector Fashion company, the distributor of Swarovski crystals in the Russian market, as well as brand ambassadors and invited designers, will first of all evaluate the relevance of the submitted works to the stated theme of the competition, their uniqueness, innovative authors, non-standard approach and quality of execution. 

The new Swarovski crystals collection certainly inspires the creation of true masterpieces. Ancient characters understandable without words. The power of magical signs that give a person special power. Inspiration as a way to break away from reality, translate your ideas into a beautiful creation.

Photos for the competition are accepted until October 25 2015 year. Winners will be announced at the gala event of November 28 2015.


In the collection of crystals of the spring-summer season of 2016 of the year, four themes are presented with the corresponding crystal innovations: Heyday of Happiness (Classic), Nature of Strength (Progressive), Mythology of Hope (Romantic) and Indominability of Faith (Glamor). These are universal cultural codes, understandable to everyone, inspiring to create truly magical combinations and exquisite products.

The Rise of Happiness (Classic) - Blush Rose crystals, similar to pink diamonds. They are combined with pale green, noble burgundy and pale yellow shades. Cool smoky blue makes an elegant note in the product. Precisely defined modular crystals of various sizes mimic the complex anatomy of colors. This is inspiration by nature, its perfect forms, its pristine power.

Force Nature (Progressive) - crystals of laconic and smooth form, an ideal companion of an active lifestyle. The new rectangular bead of the Emerald cut looks surprisingly modern and even sports. In the Progressive palette, the effect of the “powder” surface of Crystal Pastel Pearls has appeared, pastel tones stand out.

Mythology of Hope (Romantic) - New pendants become the embodiment of romance, tenderness, thin lines emphasize natural femininity. The new drop-shaped Pure Drop pendant is surprisingly harmonious, this is the laconic perfection. The Twisted Drop pendant, on the contrary, has a complex cut, refracts light like a kaleidoscope, and scatters the rays. Crystal Lacquer and Crystal Powder Gray are incredibly romantic, embodying the concept of higher femininity.

Invincibility of Faith (Glamor)

The collection of characters cannot do without spiritual, cult motifs. The new Crystal Metallic Sunshine effect, imitating polished gold, combined with the silver shimmer of the new Crystal Light Chrome effect, speaks of the nobility inherent in the works of old masters. Three new Fancy Stone crystals connect modern design with traditional beliefs: Fancy Stone Fatima Hand is a variation on the theme of “the hands of Fatima”, an amulet from ancient Mesopotamia in the form of a five-palm hand, which was credited with the ability to drive away evil spirits. Fancy Stone Buddha (and Buddha pendant) is the embodiment of Asian values: calm and stability; and the intricate Fancy Stone Greek Cross (and Greek Cross pendant) is an ancient religious symbol rooted in the culture of Hinduism, Central Asia, the Celts and Mexican peoples. 

Swarovski Company and the online store sw-strazy.ru announce the start of the III International Design Competition “Strength of Signs. The message of the ancestors. " All comers, professionals and amateurs in the field of ...

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