Made in USA will require evidence
05.12.2014 2268

Made in USA will require evidence

Many American companies are now bringing production from China back to the United States. This will make it much more difficult for American companies to obtain the Made in USA label. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it will tighten the requirements for issuing permits for the use of this designation for goods that are wholly or almost wholly produced in the United States. Previously, brands of cars, textiles, wool, fur and other industries, in fact, only had to pay a fee of $ 2000 to receive the appropriate labeling. Now, due to the "lack of transparency" of the process, the FTC announced that the decision to issue the certificate will be made only after a series of checks, which will be carried out at the expense of the brand owners.

Many US companies are currently returning production from China back to the United States.

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