Mila sums up
24.12.2012 2871

Mila sums up

The company "Mila" - shoes wholesale "summed up the preliminary results of 2012. An analysis of sales showed that, thanks to the automation of information exchange with suppliers, Mila managed to increase its previous volumes by 3%, despite an oversupply of goods on the market last year and a decrease in sales of sports shoes by 30%.

Sales of TM "Kotofey" showed positive dynamics, showing an increase of 3% against a base volume of 300 thousand pairs, demand for TM "Lel" increased by 16% and an increase of 41% was demonstrated by TM "Parizhskaya Kommuna". Such a significant jump in the sales of the Paris Commune is explained by the unloading of leftovers from the factory's warehouses into the assortment of Mila's online store.

A similar situation happened with TM "Top-top". In the first half of 2012, sales of this trademark decreased, and after automation, this lag was not only eliminated, but also turned into plus 1%, according to the company.

“The growth in sales in the past year was complicated by the crisis, which peaked in the second half of 2011 and by July 2012 Mila came out with a lag of 1%. However, even then positive dynamics were felt. The second half of the year confirmed this with a 2,6% increase in sales, which fully offset the decline at the beginning of the year. Today, there is a noticeable revival of the footwear market, so from the new 2013 we expect further sales growth, "said the manager of Mila - wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.

The company "Mila" - wholesale shoes "summed up the preliminary results of 2012 of the year. Analysis of sales showed that, thanks to the automation of information exchange with suppliers, Mila was able to increase the former ...

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