Mila tax audit ended with interrogation
27.08.2013 6712

Mila tax audit ended with interrogation

Mila, the Ural footwear distributor, is raising suspicions among the tax authorities. The fact is that Mila is a large taxpayer, has a large turnover, but the share of taxes is less than that of other organizations. “However, such a level of taxes on turnover is quite understandable,” commented Mila's representatives. The company ensures the required profitability not due to the increased mark-up, but due to the high turnover at a low mark-up, which the representatives of the tax inspectorate do not believe in ”.

The current distrust of Mila motivated the tax inspectorate to appoint the final interrogation procedure as a written interrogation of the manager of Mila Wholesale Shoes Alexander Borodin. “I was asked to fill out a questionnaire, in which it was required to put a personal signature on each answer. There was a clear feeling that the tax authorities wanted to catch us on inaccuracies, inconsistencies in resolving issues, the answer to which was obvious. We do not yet have the results of the procedure and decisions based on the results of the audit. Despite the unpleasant residue obtained as a result of interrogation, we hope for a successful outcome. Indeed, according to the results of the last audit, Mila was awarded a diploma as one of the best taxpayers in the region, ”commented Alexander Borodin, manager of Mila - Wholesale Shoes.

Mila, an Ural shoe distributor, raises suspicions from the tax office. The fact is that Mila is a large taxpayer, has a large turnover, but the share of taxes ...

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