New Balance sues Karl Lagerfeld
04.07.2014 3824

New Balance sues Karl Lagerfeld

Shoe company New Balance has filed a lawsuit against Karl Lagerfeld. The sports brand accused the German couturier of plagiarism. New Balance claims that the Lagerfeld sneaker is a replica of their 574, which has been in production since 1970 and has remained unchanged throughout this time. Indeed, New Balance and Karl Lagerfeld sneakers are somewhat similar. It is impossible to call them exactly the same, since they are not. Lagerfeld sneakers are complemented with a "K", while New Balance sneakers are adorned with an "N".
The line between plagiarism and simply similar designs is very thin. Sometimes it seems that scandalous cases arising from time to time on this basis are just a way to attract additional attention. Over the past two years, litigation between Gucci and Guess, as well as between YSL and Christian Louboutin, has been made public.

The New Balance shoe company has filed a lawsuit against Karl Lagerfeld.

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