Norwegian brand SWIMS will introduce a new line of men's shoes
17.11.2011 7300

Norwegian brand SWIMS will introduce a new line of men's shoes

On November 17, in the Dictatura Æstetica showroom on the territory of the Krasny Oktyabr factory, a presentation of a new men's line of boots from the Norwegian brand SWIMS will take place. In 2011, the brand, already known for its stylish multi-colored galoshes, produces comfortable and practical shoes.

Combining two seemingly incompatible things - creativity and conservatism - the SWIMS brand continues to successfully win the hearts of people around the world. The creator and inspirer of the brand, the Norwegian designer Johan Ringdal, managed to develop a unique technology for the new generation of shoes. After graduating from design schools in Paris and New York, Johan had long dreamed of creating a brand that was both fashionable and comfortable. New men's shoes can easily compete in elegance and a sense of style with shoes of many well-known brands, while the new shoes are absolutely waterproof, which allows its owners not to limit themselves in movement in any weather.

In the showroom Dictatura Æstetica on the territory of the Krasny Oktyabr factory, on November 17, a presentation of a new men's line of boots from the Norwegian brand will take place ...

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