Pal Zileri made the face of actor Matthew Goode's advertising campaign
14.03.2017 1791

Pal Zileri made the face of actor Matthew Goode's advertising campaign

British actor Matthew Goode became the face of a new advertising campaign for the Italian brand of clothing, shoes and accessories Pal Zileri spring-summer 2017. The image of the actor harmoniously combines elegance, conservatism and a craving for new things, which perfectly matches the aesthetics of the brand.

On footage taken by German photographer Dylan Don at the Muralla Roja estate in Calpe, Spain

the work of the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofila, Goode poses in a restrained and noble image against the background of the walls burnt by the sun. Color, light and graphics in space play a key role in

the expression of the main idea of ​​the collection, based on the contrasts of 3D textures, volumes and shiny / matte effects, contrasting terracotta, turquoise, sky blue and saturated orange hue.

British actor Matthew Goode has become the face of a new advertising campaign for Italian clothing, footwear and accessories brand Pal Zileri spring-summer ...

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