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Patchwork by Casadei
30.01.2013 2371

Patchwork by Casadei

Casadei has created a capsule collection of leather and wood shoes. In the spring line of the brand there are only two pairs of unique shoes, each of which can be called an original work of art.

Made of natural materials, the collection's models have a clear geometric silhouette, the color composition is made using the patchwork technique. To create the design of the sole and platform, Cesare Casadey used several types of wood to convey the beauty and texture of the natural material. Patchwood shoes are handmade.

The collection will appear on store shelves in February this year.

Casadei has created a capsule collection of shoes in leather and wood. In the spring line of the brand there are only two pairs of unique shoes, each of which can be called an original product ...

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