Transition of retailers to new cash desks may be delayed ECLZ ticket office registration deadline may be extended
22.12.2016 6399

Transition of retailers to new cash desks may be delayed

The National Association of Network Trade Participants (NAST) appealed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a request to extend the term for the transition of retail to new cash registers.

This year, a law was passed in Russia, according to which retailers should gradually switch to the new cash register equipment (CCP). From February 1 to 2017, its use will become mandatory for most merchants. So, sellers need to replace a special device in cash registers for storing data about each purchase through the cash register - a secure electronic control tape (ECLZ). The new cash register will be able to send real-time tax data for each check to the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

However, retailers ran into problems, so NAST participants received test copies of cash register equipment only two weeks ago, and, as stated in the official address of the association to Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov, the equipment has significant flaws.

From February 1 to 2017, it will be impossible to replace EKLZ in registrars that have worked so far, the authors of the letter argue. Thus, starting in February, stores that have expired after this date will be replaced by EKLZ, will not be able to work, and it will become impossible to open new points. At the same time, significant fines are provided for violations of the new rules.

To avoid stopping sales in stores, the association asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to extend the deadlines for registering cash registers from ECLZ until May 2017, and also to establish a transition period without fines until September.

Viktor Yevtukhov supported the proposal of NAST, the Ministry of Industry and Trade prepared appeals with requests to the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service to help resolve issues related to extending the registration deadline for cash registers from ECLZ and establish a transition period.

The National Association of Network Trade Participants (NAST) applied to the Ministry of Industry and Trade with a request to extend the period for the transition of retail to a new cash register ...

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