Piquadro Announces Startup Competition for Travel and Business Accessories
03.05.2017 2048

Piquadro Announces Startup Competition for Travel and Business Accessories

The Italian brand of business accessories Piquadro launches the project “MySturtUp Funding Program” - a competition of business projects in the field of technology for the production of travel bags, suitcases and business accessories.

Startup companies that are interested in developing projects in the production of bags, suitcases and leather goods equipped with innovative features and technologies are invited to participate in the competition.

The winning company, Piquadro, will receive a € 100 grant and the opportunity to take a crash course in Silicon Valley to study and find funding. Applications for participation in the competition must be sent before September 000, 30 by requesting a tender package for

By the end of the year, the jury will determine the winners by choosing one of the five most promising projects that meet the goals and objectives of the program. Five finalists will be invited to the award ceremony, during which each nominee will have the opportunity to present his idea to the jury, an audience of experts and journalists within ten minutes.

“I have always believed in the power of ideas, and the mission of the MyStartUp Funding program is to make us believe that we can realize the most incredible ideas in order to stimulate innovation and support the most worthy initiatives,” says Piquadro CEO Marco Palmiieri. “The project is designed not only to promote the brand and its values, it is also a way to support the capital and know-how of young people who want to start a business.”

Piquadro - Italian brand of designer bags and accessories for business trips. The brand’s collections include a wide range of bags, luggage, small leather accessories, in which elegance and stylish design are combined with practicality and reliability. The brand’s collection contains bags and briefcases designed for the neat and safe transportation of technological equipment, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones ...

The Italian brand of business accessories Piquadro launches the “MySturtUp Funding Program” project - a competition of business projects in the field of technologies for the production of travel bags, suitcases and ...

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