Portuguese shoe factories will become more energy efficient
17.03.2011 2993

Portuguese shoe factories will become more energy efficient

The Portuguese Association of Shoe and Accessories Manufacturers (APICCAPS) has decided to implement energy-saving technologies in the factories of the industry to guarantee higher levels of production and greater competition.

APICCAPS stated in its statement that “energy efficiency and the rational use of energy are more relevant today than ever.” According to representatives of the association, “in a complex business universe, a more rational use of energy can help ensure a higher level of production and, at the same time, increase competition” in the industry.

According to APICCAPS estimates, today a third of the consumed electricity in Portugal is consumed by the national industry, writes the website http://porturusso.pt/

To achieve this goal and reduce the energy used by shoe factories, the association resorted to the help of the Inesc Porto Engineering and Computer Institute. Its specialists developed a plan for APICCAPS to introduce a renewable energy system and increase energy efficiency in enterprises of the national shoe industry, which was recently presented to the public.

The Portuguese Association of Manufacturers of Shoes and Related Products (APICCAPS) has decided to introduce energy-saving technologies in the factories of the industry to guarantee a higher level ...

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