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Over 150 thousand signatures collected against the limit in 100 euros
18.07.2014 2677

Over 150 thousand signatures collected against the limit in 100 euros

More than 150 thousand Russians have signed up on the website of the Russian Public Initiative against the introduction of a limit of 100 euros on duty-free purchases in foreign online stores. Only 978 people opposed. The collection of signatures started on October 11, 2013, after the proposals of the Association of Internet Trade Companies (AKIT) to reduce the limit were announced.

Since then, a corresponding resolution of the Ministry of Finance has been prepared - on June 20 it was published on the regulation.gov.ru website (before that, in May, President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which the parameters of duty-free Internet commerce are determined by the government). It is assumed that the threshold for duty-free shipments for purchases in foreign online stores will decrease from 1 to 150 euros for a single parcel, while the weight of one parcel without paying the duty will be reduced from 31 to 10 kg. If the amount or weight of the goods exceeds the norms, a duty of 30 percent of the customs value of the goods will be charged. The Ministry of Finance expects to collect 2015 billion rubles in 2017-60. duties on purchases made by Russians in foreign online stores follows from the projections of the budget.

The ROI website was launched in April 2013, after Putin ordered the government to consider public initiatives that received more than 100 thousand signatures during the year - but first they must be considered by an expert working group.

To vote on the ROI website, registration is required on the government services portal, which the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications has simplified since June 9, 2014. Previously, those wishing to vote had to come to one of Rostelecom's offices for an activation code. Now the user can go through a simplified registration - it is not enough to use certain government services, but it allows you to vote.

The initiative against the reduction of duty-free limits was supported by Internet companies that earn on purchases abroad. Shipito, a company that delivers goods from foreign online stores, asked about 100 thousand of its customers to vote for it, its representative Sergey Smirnov said. According to him, even more votes in support of the initiative were brought by a similar newsletter of one of the largest Internet stores eBay 13 in February.

According to the results of the 2013 year, the volume of Russian electronic commerce amounted to 520 billion rubles, which is 28% more than the 2012 indicator of the year, Data Insight calculated. Another 150 billion rubles. Russians spent in foreign online stores. According to Data Insight, now in Russia about 30 million people buy goods and services via the Internet, of which 70% live outside of Moscow.

More than 150 thousand have signed up against the introduction of a limit of 100 euros on duty-free purchases in foreign online stores on the website of the "Russian Public Initiative" ...

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