Romir recorded an increase in everyday spending of Russians in October
09.11.2017 2090

Romir recorded an increase in everyday spending of Russians in October

According to statistics, Romir, in October 2017 the daily expenses of the population of Russia increased by 5,7%, with inflation 0,2,% after falling in August and September.

From the report of the analytical agency it follows that the total daily expenses of Russians in October showed a traditional growth characteristic of mid-autumn. So, in a month, Russians increased their total spending by 5,7%, which is not comparable to the monthly inflation in 0,2% calculated by Rosstat.

But, in annual terms, the growth turned out to be more than modest and amounted to only 0,6%, which significantly falls short of the inflation accumulated for the year of 2,7. Thus, real, that is, cleared of inflation, costs are lower than those of the previous three years. The real growth in everyday spending is noted only in relation to 2012.

In the context of the month, an increase in daily expenses was observed in almost all federal districts, except for the Urals, where residents spent 0,8% less than in September. In other regions, the growth in expenditures showed a steady positive trend. So, in the northwest, the results were the most modest - an increase of 3,3%, but still convincing. In the Central District, the increase in expenses was 5%, in the South - 6%, in the Volga District - 7,7%, and in Siberia and the Far East - 7,4%.

But relative to October last year, the dynamics of expenditures in different regions turned out to be multidirectional in the range from -14,7% in the North-West District to 14,1% in the South. Consumers of Siberia also showed minus dynamics in everyday spending, which cut their expenses by -10,2% by the year. In the remaining districts, there was an increase of 2,2% in the center of the country, by 4,2% in the Urals and by 8,4% in the Volga region.  

The drivers of the overall increase in spending were residents of the hundred-thousandths and half-millionths, where over the month the daily expenses of residents increased by more than 7%.

In cities with millionaires, growth was twice as small - at 3%. In the context of the year, residents of megacities generally reduced their daily expenses by 2,8%. In the half-millionths and hundred-thousandths, the growth was lower than the size of inflation and amounted to 1,3% and 1,9%, respectively.

In Moscow in October 2017 expenses increased over the month by 3,5%, and in St. Petersburg - by 3,2%. However, in the context of the year, Muscovites showed a modest but positive dynamics in 1,4%. Whereas the residents of the northern capital significantly reduced their expenses relative to October last year - by -9,8%, which generally affected the general situation in the entire district, as we wrote above.   

Among Russians with various incomes, the most wasteful in October were middle incomes, who increased their spending by 6,6% over the month and by 2,5% over the year.

Highly profitable also steadily increased spending over the month - by 4,7%. However, relative to October of last year, their daily expenses decreased by -0,6%.

In the low-income group, even in the context of the month, the growth of expenses was twice lower than in the whole country and amounted to 2,5%. And relative to the same period last year, the decrease in low-income expenses amounted to -4,1%.

According to Romir statistics, in October 2017, the daily expenses of the Russian population increased by 5,7%, with inflation of 0,2% after a decline in August and ...

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