Stilnyashka enters the shoe market
03.10.2017 1528

Stilnyashka enters the shoe market

Owners of the Stilnyashka brand of designer children's clothing plan to invest in the production of children's shoes to diversify the range of goods sold. In a new project, which, in addition to the production of shoes, includes the launch of two more new clothing brands, the owners of the company plan to invest 500 million rubles, writes Fashion United.

Vasiliy Smirnov, co-owner of Stilnyashka, announced plans for the development of the footwear industry. “We faced such a problem: for example, collecting a full autumn bow Stilnyashka costs 11 thousand rubles, this includes a coat, sweater and culottes. But in order to choose high shoes for culottes, you need to buy separately shoes for 10-12 thousand rubles, and these are, as a rule, Spanish, Italian models. As a result, our buyer is not ready to pay such an amount, so we decided to make shoes on our own. At prices we will compete with Kapika, Zebra and Kotofey (6-8 thousand rubles for shoes), but the models will be more stylish and will be combined with our European collections, ”says Smirnov.

Shoes will be produced in factories in China and sewn both from genuine leather and synthetic materials, the first collection will appear in the spring of 2018. In December, the company will launch another designer brand of clothing for children, it will be the third in a row after Stilnyashka and Blue Jasmine, and next year there will also be a fourth brand.

The company also plans to develop a new retail network. Currently, under the Stilnyashka brand, an 43 children's clothing store has been opened; they are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities. However, with the expansion of the range, the company plans to launch another retail project already under a different brand. It is assumed that the new retail will be developed by franchising. Shops will open in top malls adjacent to existing Stilnyashka stores.

Owners of the Stilnyashka brand of designer children's clothing plan to invest in the production of children's shoes to diversify the range of goods sold. In a new project, which in addition to ...

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