In Russia, there is a boom in online shopping for clothes and shoes
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In Russia, there is a boom in online shopping for clothes and shoes

Over the past year, the number of citizens making purchases through the Internet has noticeably increased in our country, the size of this market is growing before our eyes, Synovate Comcon found out. More and more customers are buying clothes and shoes, as well as toys, in a virtual way. But the share of those who ordered books and household appliances on the Web, on the contrary, decreased. However, books are still the most popular product among online shoppers, and household appliances generate the most e-commerce revenue.

According to the latest research by Synovate Comcon “Russian Target Group Index”, in 2011, 6,1 million people in Russia made online purchases. Last year there were 5,2 million people. Thus, the number of Russians shopping online has increased by 16,5% last year compared with the data for 2010 year. The study involved residents of 50 cities of Russia with a population of 100 thousand people or more and over the age of 16 years. The growing dynamics is largely due to the gradual increase in online commerce in the regions, the study notes.

The study revealed not only the influx of new online shoppers. It turned out that those who had already used the Internet for purchases began to do this more often over the past year, says Lyudmila Novichenkova, director of marketing communications at Synovate Comcon. According to the study, the number of those who make purchases two to three times a week or more often increased four times - from 0,6 to 2,4%. Twice as many people compared with the 2010 data of the year made purchases two to three times a month: 13,2 against 6,9%. One in five made purchases one to four times every six months.

A real online shopping boom was noted in the “clothing and footwear” category - the share of customers here increased from 19,5 to 25,9%. Smaller growth was recorded in the toy category - from 13,6 to 15,5%. But there are fewer buyers of household appliances: their share declined 23,8 to 20,8%. There are fewer book buyers: their share has changed from 22,7 to 18,7%, as well as CD / DVD-ROMs - from 9,6 to 7%. The fall in the share of book buyers is natural, Lyudmila Novichenkova believes: e-books, tablets and smartphones play their role here, where you can download most of the texts for free.

Market participants note other trends. As they said in the Ozone online store, the greatest growth in 2011 year was observed in the categories of “toys”, “goods for home” and “goods for sports”. The share of online sales of digital and household appliances in Russia also grew last year, Anna Trofimova, head of the PR department of Media-Saturn Russia, does not agree with Synovate Comcon. “According to GfK Retail Audit, if at the beginning of the 2010 year the share of online sales of digital and household appliances did not exceed 4%, then over the 11 months of the 2011 year it almost reached 6%. In Moscow, the share of online sales is much higher; in 2011, it exceeded the line at 20%, ”says Ms. Trofimova.

“M. Video” also notes the growth of online sales. According to company spokesman Anton Panteleev, in 2011, it amounted to 90%, with the most popular digital equipment - smartphones, laptops, as well as large household appliances.

According to Natalya Morzhova, deputy head of GfK Retail & Technology, the largest share of online sales in the household appliances and electronics segment in 2011 was accounted for by large household appliances (more than 7% of turnover). 5% accounted for small household appliances and audio and video products sold over the Internet.

Meanwhile, according to AC Nielsen for the 2011 year, books are still by a large margin in popularity among Russian Internet users, they are ordered by 25% involved in electronic commerce. While household appliances and electronics buy 16,8%. However, according to the Public Opinion Poll Foundation, books and CDs in total bring only 5% of market revenue. And most of all (25%) of the revenue to the Internet commerce market comes from the purchase of household appliances, followed by clothing and shoes (17%). According to TKB Capital analyst Natalya Kolupaeva, the online trading market in Russia exceeds $ 10 billion. For comparison, this market in the US is $ 200 billion. This is reported by RBCdaily.
Over the past year, the number of citizens making purchases through the Internet has noticeably increased in our country, the size of this market is growing before our eyes, Synovate Comcon found out. More and more buyers ...

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