In St. Petersburg and the region, the volume of commissioning of warehouse real estate approached a record
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In St. Petersburg and the region, the volume of commissioning of warehouse real estate approached a record

According to the consulting company Nikoliers, in 2022, about 343 sq. m of quality warehouse space. This is 2,1 times higher than the indicator for the whole of 2021, when 162 thousandWith. sq. m.

The main share of commissioning (69%) was made up of objects implemented for the needs of the company under the built-to-suit scheme or on its own. Among the largest commissioned facilities are distribution centers for Ozon built by the developer PST-Development (106 sq. m.) in Bugry and PNK Group (60 sq. m.) in Shushary, the first stage of the logistics center of the Nart agricultural park (16,9 and 23,7 thousand sq. m.) and the ESTEL warehouse in PNK Sofia Ring Road (25,7 thousand sq. m.).

In addition, the Wildberries distribution center in Shushary with an area of ​​more than 100 sq.m. remains at a high stage of readiness. m. If it is put into operation before the end of the year, the record of 2008 will be broken, when it was possible to commission 420 thousand square meters. m of warehouse space. At the same time, the indicators for 2020 (341 sq. m.) have already been achieved.

The increase in speculative space in 2022 amounted to more than 100 thousand square meters. m, among the largest such facilities are the new building of Grando Management Company (17,1 thousand sq. m.), Ahlers (25,3 thousand sq. m.), Trodex Logistic (23,1 thousand sq. m. ), ILR Shushary (22,7 thousand sq. m.), as well as the Prombox light industrial complex (11 thousand sq. m.). 

“New speculative properties are practically full by the time they are put into operation: a shortage of warehouses in recent years has led to an increase in the number of preliminary lease agreements in high-quality properties under construction,” comments Andrey Kosarev, CEO of Nikoliers in St. Petersburg. - In this regard, the market is blurring between a pre-let in a speculative object and a full-fledged built-to-suit with further long-term lease. Even against the background of an increase of more than 100 thousand square meters. m of speculative space and the gradual release of blocks in a number of objects, the average market vacancy rate did not show a significant change.


Thus, since the beginning of October 2022, the average market level of vacant warehouse space has increased from 1,9% to 2,3% (up to 90 thousand sq. m), while the level of hidden vacancy has decreased from 3,8% to 3,3% ( up to 130 thousand sq. m).

“Already now we see gradual changes in the situation, which may worsen in the future: as companies that reduce their presence in Russia, completely freeing up their occupied space, part of the “hidden vacancy” enters the market. Also, a number of warehouse blocks will appear due to the relocation of logistics and e-commerce companies to the constructed distribution centers and warehouses. The appearance of an even greater number of large vacant blocks in the supply could become a catalyst for a more dynamic reduction in the requested rental rates,” the expert notes.

It should be noted that the average requested rental rate in the warehouse segment for 2022 decreased by 5% in class A and amounted to 6 rubles per sq. m. m/year (excluding OPEX and VAT).

According to Nikoliers forecasts, in 2023 the market will be replenished with another 350 thousand sq. m. m of quality warehouse space. In particular, Adamant began construction of a new building as part of Armada Park for Sberlogistics (100 sq. m.), PNK Group - a new facility as part of PNK Park Shushary 3 (97,3 thousand sq. m.). m). In addition, Rusich continues to build a multi-temperature complex in the RUSIC-Shushary park (54 thousand sq. m.), Nart has begun construction of the second stage of its agricultural park (17,2 thousand sq. m. and 19,5 thousand square meters). sq. m), as well as new lines of the distribution center of the Russian retailer Sportmaster and a new building as part of the Prombox light industrial complex.

According to the consulting company Nikoliers, in 2022, about 343 sq. m of quality warehouse space. This is 2,1 times higher ...

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