Felt boots from Kursk are actively bought up abroad
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Felt boots from Kursk are actively bought up abroad

Boots of the Kursk shoe company began to be in demand among foreign buyers. 

Last year, a shoe factory in Kursk purchased equipment for the production of felt boots. Initially, this idea aroused irony even among experts. But in the end, about half a million copies of the Kursk felt boots have now been sold.

According to the press service of the regional administration, the company's specialists have developed 107 new models of footwear, 50 of them have been introduced into production. The volume of products sold amounted to 127 million rubles, or 130 thousand pairs. And the most popular product - Kursk felt boots - are supplied not only to many regions of the country, but also abroad. In particular, Finland, America, Canada, negotiations on supplies to Germany are underway, writes kursk.moe-online.ru. 

Let us remind you that LLC Kurskobuv is a part of OJSC Komplekt. The Kursk enterprise specializes in the production of children's shoes. In 2011, the owner allocated more than 23 million rubles for the development of the enterprise, which is 3,3 times more than in 2005. 11,6 million rubles were invested in the reconstruction of storage facilities for production sites and the purchase of equipment. This made it possible to put into operation an injection stream and two blank sections, and the production of footwear increased by 33% compared to 2010. The production employs about a thousand people, writes the Kursk newspaper "Gorodskaya Gazeta".

Boots of the Kursk shoe company began to be in demand among foreign buyers. 

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