Westfalica Medicine: 20 000 monthly foot care
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Westfalica Medicine: 20 000 monthly foot care

In the summer of 2013, the Obuv Rossii group of companies expanded the Westfalika Medicine line of foot care products to 40 names, including new headings. In the assortment appeared salts for foot baths, spray and foot scrub, creams with pink salt minerals and accessories. Following the results of the 1 quarter of 2013, sales of the Westfalika Medicine line doubled compared to the same period of the 2012 year. To date, more than 20 000 units of Westfalica Medicine products are sold monthly. The turnover plan for the 2013 year is 30 million rubles.

Having studied the market of cosmetics for foot care, in particular such premium brands as Gewohl and Dr.Scholl, as well as universal creams in the line of cosmetics of large manufacturers, the specialists of GC “Obuv Rossii” came to the conclusion that there is a niche of specialized care products feet in the mid-price segment (100-150 rubles apiece) is free.

For the first time, Footwear Russia foot cream began to be sold in 2010. Then started the test sales of Comfort 24 moisturizer, which was very popular among buyers. Since the spring of 2011, the company has already started selling in its own networks a specialized line of foot care creams under the brand name Westfalika Medicine, which has 15 of various types of creams. The original formulation of creams and their production is carried out by the Moscow company Adeleid, which makes cosmetics from natural ingredients.

The new cosmetic line of leather care products for the feet, which Obuv Rossii launched in 2013, is based on Crimean pink salt. It is obtained by natural evaporation of sea water and is not subjected to heat treatment. Pink salt in large quantities contains unique marine micro and macro elements, including beta-carotene. The line of cosmetics with sea pink salt includes several types of salts for foot baths and foot creams with different effects (moisturizing, nourishing, cooling).

Foot creams - an assortment non-standard for shoe chains. The Westfalika Medicine project is an extension of the range of services for customers. The sale of foot care products has several advantages: such products take up little space in the warehouse and in the store, and are also high-margin goods. In addition, the development of this area has a large marketing effect: customers have increased loyalty and brand confidence; a culture of foot care is being formed: now people, together with shoes, acquire 2-3 foot care products; sales of popular foot creams in new packaging in 100 ml account for 50% of sales of similar positions in 46 ml.

To date, the direction of related products in Shoe stores of Russia is represented by bags, leather goods, shoe care products, hosiery and foot care products - all in all, 500 SKU. In 2012, sales of related products in the Shoe of Russia networks exceeded 320 million rubles. In 2013, Obuv Rossii plans to double sales to 600 million rubles and increase the share of related products in revenue to 12%.

In the summer of 2013, the Obuv Rossii group of companies expanded the Westfalika Medicine line of foot care products to 40 names, including new headings.

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