Second birth
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Second birth

French businessman will restore two forgotten brands

French businessman Arnaud De Lammen bought the rights to several well-known brands and their intellectual property.

In particular, Lammen is going to revive two well-known but long-forgotten brands - Mainbocher Fashion House and Hebert Levine footwear brand. Mainbocher was founded by French Vogue editor Rousseau Boscher in 1929. The fashion house ceased to exist in 1971 after Boscher retired. The outfits from Mainbocher were refined and elegant, worn by Wallis Simpson and Diana Vreeland. American footwear brand Hebert Levine was launched in 1948 and ceased to exist in 1975. However, the products of this shoe house were popular, they were worn by Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Jacqueline Kennedy, writes km.ru.

Explaining his decision to restore these brands, the businessman said that reviving something that already has a name and reputation helps to develop business. “When you are engaged in revival, you already have a story to tell. After a few years people completely forget that the brand was dormant. People think that he has always existed. It reassures consumers, they think you are not a newbie, ”said De Lammen.

French businessman will restore two forgotten brands French businessman Arno De Lammen bought the rights to several well-known brands and their intellectual property. In particular…
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